Weekend Report

IMG_0340 (1)

This is a fishing boat thats tied up just a few buildings down from the store. This pic was taken Saturday morning in the park which is about 6 miles south of the store. Thats a dude sitting on the back of it. There’s a few commercial fishing boats by the store but this one is the only one that’s working. The others have not moved in years. Im going to stop in by them sometime to see if I could email these pics to them…

Its a humid Monday morn and Im a bit late to posting as I was working on orders and such. In the spring you pretty much can’t make a bad mistake ordering, but in Late July\Aug you can. So you have to be careful what and how much you bring into the store. Im being careful.

The weekend’s riding was so so. Saturday morn was a rain out so after work I grabbed the 920 since I need to tune that thing in pending some bike trips and rode it home. And… flatted. Just a 5 mile ride and Im sitting alongside the road changing a flat. Bummer. Also, the 920 has 29in MTB wheels and I’m running a 700×32 tire on it. It works but does not install that easy. Some swearing required.

After I got home I pulled it back apart to find the rimstrip off to one side and exposed spoke holes in the rim. The culprit. It’s all fixed now and glad to find that now and not on some tour….

Work to home Saturday.

Then Sunday morn it was back on the 920 and to work I go. A very pleasant ride for sure. Perfect temps with tons of sun. I have the seat and bar all dialed in and the bike is very comfy. Not that there is any mountains around but I noticed I never leave the big ring, which is not that big. Im sure fully loaded down I will someday on some hill somewhere.

Home to work Sunday.

I of course have my tent. But also sleeping pad and bag already loaded and ready to go. This will now be my focus for the next month or so. Its kinda climactic as I’ve had this bike since March and have been staring at it everyday since. And its finally time to put it to good use. I can tell its going to ride like a dream fully loaded. The only think I might do is put on a carbon stem to dampen a little bit. Maybe a carbon post too. But the Brooks B17 does a good job at smoothing out the road so I might not bother with that.

So I will back off the road riding soon, maybe even giving up the Maboone. Like i said, the next month will be focused on touring, the the month after that will be the MTB, and then the fatbike. Its all going down as planned.


Wa da ya think?

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