panarama. 845am

Its amazing how fast the summer go’s. While all spring I wait until the summer to start so I can pay off the winter bills, there gets to be a point where I wish it would end. And Im kinda to that point. Pretty soon anyway.

A busy store is a happy store but very taxing. And I hope it stays this way for awhile but Im ready to take a deep breath and relax a bit. Its appears that the summer selling season has hit its solstice. As in its peak right now, and will start slowing a bit every week.

One of the mistakes I have always made is not knowing when to start drawing down summer inventory. I’ve always started too late and carried too much into the fall\winter. And like anything in the biz its a crap shoot based on weather. This year, the selling season started early so history shows it will end early. Ive learned a lot about bike store stuff in the last five years and am still learning more every day.

This mornings pic is from my phone. I got a new S5 a few weeks ago and the camera is great. In fact I prefer shooting pics with the phone instead of my newer bigger camera I got earlier this spring. I really have not dug into that Cannon to see what it all can do. I need to do that soon. It cost a lot of money and I should use it more. But for what I do every morning in the park the phone is just fine.

Im not sure if Im going to take the bigger camera on my bike tours. Its just too big. Im sure I will stumble upon something and wish I had it but for the most part the phone will do. I wouldn’t mind taking the bigger camera with me and I guess I’ll decide what to do there later. I would not use it a lot but there;s always that one shot I could get with it that would make it worth the lugging around. Its like what I was told when I golfed. Its not the 90 bad shots, its that one good shot that keeps you coming back. Same with photography.

Its Friday and its been over week since I rode a bike. Was going to this morn but the roads were wet. Hopefully I’ll get a nice ride in the morning. My new summer help is getting better and can open the store without me so I can maybe take a bit longer ride. At least I dont need to be here right at 10am, a few minutes late no big deal.

Sunday I will plan a longer ride, maybe 50 miles, maybe more that 54 miles so I can bust out the longest of the year. I need to be expanding that this time of year.

My poor MTB is just sitting there, rode maybe 4 times. But the day will come. The guy who want to buy my Maboone wants it sooner than later so when the MTB gets called to action it will get used a lot. And in fact, someone wants to buy that one sooner too but I cant let it go until the fatbikes get in. Sometime in Sept. is my guess. At least for the carbon bikes. I cant wait.

Time to watch the end of the tour.


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