Definitely a two part post this morn. Right now its 3pm yesterday. I left the Dells at 8am while the rest of the Fam was sleeping. There going to hit up one more waterpark and come home later in the day.

Last Saturday working at The Salvation Ride.

I got to the store at 1030 this (yesterday) morn, driving straight to it without stop, and just now got kinda caught up with stuff here. As much as I have said over and over how I dislike this type of vacation its is still a vacation and I was sad to leave. Especially weird since I had to tip toe out of the room while everyone was sleeping like I was sneaking out. Overall Im glad I went. Moving on….. Hard to believe that my bike tour is now 4 weeks away. And I have rode the tour bike just once. Need to get that going….. More later on that.

On my last post.  The gist of that post is that a guy like me that lives and breathes bikes should have other interests so they (me) can spend time with non biking people (My family). I know some people that have a hard time with that. Thats it, nothing more. Moving on…

Its Thursday morn and no long ride for me this week. I did get out to the park this morning to resume my routine. I definitely have a routine. And after a bunch of days not doing it it feels good to get back to it. And after a few days of life sucking heat it was nice to get back to the lake and cool off. Temps in the 50’s this morn with a cool breeze off the lake. I complain about it being so cool, then miss it.

As I sat on my fav bench a Eagle flew by, too fast to get the camera ready. When that happens I kinda mark that as the sign of a good day to come.

So its the second day back for me, the Fam got back late last nite and I’ve been informed we will most likely skip the Wisconsin Dells trip next year. I guess they got a bit burned out on it (finally). My last statement on the little vaca is that I may complain about it, but Im always glad to spend time with the Fam wherever that is.

Tonite I might ride a bike home. Its been a week since I rode. I most likely will ride the Maboone but I just might grab the 920 since I need to start re dialing it in since I made a bunch of changes. And if I ride it I don’t have to wear a backpack, just leave a pannier on. Will see how I feel after a long day at work.

Im still catching up just a little, but mostly everything here in the store is in order. The guys did a good job while I was gone. Thats always a good thing.


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