Wisconsin Dells

Kids, grand kids.

Its Monday nite. Just got back from dinner. The rest of the Fam is back at it in the water parks. Im chillin’ in the room. Resting up from a day and a half of 100 degree, shoulder to shoulder packed, hundreds of people 24 hours a day water parks. I have to say I am miserable here. Its just not the vacation for me. For reasons Ive mentioned several times. But Im glad Im here. I don’t get much time off let alone some family time.

Granddaughter Willow waiting for Moosejaw

I don’t mention my Fam a lot. I do try to keep a lot of personal stuff personal (that’s what Facebook is for). Anyway, there is a good thing going on here. Not just time away from the store, not just time with the family, but time away from bikes entirely. I know several couples that ride a ton. But take away the bike and they are lost, These riding couples ( we all know them and wish we could be like them) have a hard time doing anything together without the bike. Its impossible for them to take a weekend doing “normal” things. And that’s what Im doing this weekend. Im not having a blast but I need to know that I can still do normal things without bikes. And, of course I can. So Im still a normal guy. Good to know. Glad to be here.

Back to the complaining, Tonite we went out to my fav place to eat here in the Dells. MooseJaw started as a good micro brew and has blown into a full blown tourist restaurant. We get there and its packed. Crazy packed. Like it takes 10 minutes to get in the door to check in packed. Over a hour wait. The food was great but just a not fun experience. Just way too many people in a small space. This whole town is too packed. Its hard to walk down the street. Anyhoo, you get the idea. I don’t like it here.

I have one more day here tomorrow and I leave early Wednesday to drive the two and a half hours home to open the store at 10am. The rest of the Fam stays the day and leaves after supper. One more day in a indoor water park when the weather outside is perfect.

So while Im glad to be a normal guy for a few days I cant wait to get back and go for a ride. My next post will be Wednesday morn, or afternoon if I get out for a ride. One more day here. I think I’ll live.


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