Pending Vaca.

I guess I always start with current events. Very nice visit to the park this morn. Weather is great. Got my bench for awhile and that is always a good start to the day. A few people walked by but was by myself for the most part. Actually, people everywhere. That time of year. Things looked all good in the park, every campsite filled.

Then I saw this.


Beach closed due to e coli? How does that even happen? Several times I’ve seen a dude wade out 20 yards into the water and take water samples in glass jars. Two or three of them. And then go to another beach in the park and do that also. Now I know what he is doing. Measuring the poop in the water. Not a very pleasant thought. How do you get more poop in the lake one day from the next? Nevermind, I don’t want to know.


Yesterday was a great long ride. I got a late start and planned on maybe 35 miles but felt pretty damn good so I stretched it to 50. I could have rode longer to make it the longest of the year but was already late getting back to the store so I’ll save that for another day. Again, great weather for a bike ride. Temps in the 60’s at ride time. Sun out. I threw in a couple intervals for good measure. I rode the 25 miles to Harrington Beach to scope out the campsites for my test run on the tour bike. Sites looked great and I will set that up soon. I again was very happy with how I felt in the bike. The lower bars are now for sure good for me. I might go one more cm down yet. But I felt great still at hour 3 and will shoot for the first 4 hour ride soon.

But not too soon.

Sunday I leave for a 3 day family vaca in Wisconsin Dells. The time off is needed. I’ve worked pretty much everyday since March 9th (when I went to Hayward). While time with the Fam is great, the Dells is not my favorite place to go. Your always in a crowd. The weather outside is great but your stuck inside some water park where its 90 degrees and humid. The Grandkids are still too small for a outside park.

We do get out to do some things but most of the time is  inside water park. By the third day I need a vacation from my vacation. But its nice to get away from the store and even tho Wisconsin Dells is not my first choice I will take it.

We stay here.

A million people. Shoulder to shoulder in the water. I think I would rather take my chances in the e coli water in the park mentioned above.

No bike riding until I get back on Wednesday. And then I will need to catch up at the store first.

And before I leave I have Saturday alone at the store again. Thats always super busy and stressful. AND before I’m alone at the store Saturday I have to get up early and set up a tent to perform small repairs at The Salvation Ride.

This is a saged ride with several lengths up to a century. It start just across the river from the store and is for a good cause so I help out with last minute repairs in the morning and donate water bottles for all.

We have to be there and set up by 645am so its going to be a long day for me with no bike riding. Store closes at 4 and Im off to cut my grass and get ready to leave for the Dells in the morning.

I will have my notebook with me so maybe a post while on vacation but maybe not. So this could be it until next Wednesday. I hope to have at least some downtime to type a post.

Other than that have a great weekend. Get outside.


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