Tuesday Nite Ride

The ride went well last nite. 17mph average and I felt much better on the bike. I think I pulled for about 10 out of 35 miles. So now I will start to push things a little. The better I feel the faster I will try to go. Not sure if lowering those bars helped me but it did not hurt. Now that Im feeling faster I want one of those new Madone’s. But I will resist. I wish I could ride one for just a couple weeks tho.

unnamed (1)

Today Im at the store early due to the switching of internet\phone providers. From ATT to Charter saving me almost $100 per month and claiming way faster internet. I need that now with all the TdF streaming going on around here. Their window is 8am to 10am. This is the second time and if they don’t show up today Im out. I have no patience for poor service.

Ive officially moved long ride Wednesday to Thursday. Gives me a day to recover from the Tuesday ride. And with today’s IP switch was out anyway. So no post tomorrow. I’ll be on my bike. Hopefully for 4 hours. That would be nice.

The last few days have been heavy in the planning dept. Next week I have a 3 day vaca with the Fam (more on that later), then the week after Im planning my first mini tour to prep for the maxi tour in Aug. Which would just be two weeks after that. Then comes my cross race with another mini tour in there somewhere. Then Interbike mid Sept. Lots of planning going on here.

Its a match.

A few days ago I got ahold of another pair of Oakley Jawbreakers. In lime green, or volt green and Trek calls it. I now have every piece of clothing color coordinated to my bike. Shoes, helmet, kit, gloves, socks and now glasses. It must be amazing to see me out on the road.  🙂


If color coordinating produced more power I would be in the Tour.

Speaking of which, Ive been recording it at home ongoing but have been watching the last 20k or so to go here at the store. I dont dial it up on Steep Hill until about 945am. Its actually been pretty good so far. Some favorites already down a few minutes due to some bad luck. I never really watch the tour. I get all the info I need off Facebook. There’s always those boring stages for about a week where nothing happens. All the climbers just finish and rest up. And then do it again day after day. But yesterday was a good one. One dude gets over 3 minutes waiting for his bike, refusing a teammates, one dude takes a teammate’s bike and wins. One bad decision and your tour is over. And that’s the way it should be. Winning the tour is quite the accomplishment. Some dude did it 7 times. All controversy aside, just the perfect planning needed to do so is amazing. When to go, when not to go. You need to get it right everytime. One mistake and your several minutes down and out.

That all I have this morn. Next talk is on how I triumphed on Long Ride Thursday. I may not break any speed records but I’ll look good going slow… Time to turn on the tour….


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