Bars up\down

Lets talk a little about bike fit. Several years back I went to a two day bike fitting school. l learned how important is was, and how easy it is to do. After the school I did about 10 fittings but then kinda dropped it.

Now I can do in about 30 min what I did in 2 hours back then. Now, Im not saying a full blown fitting is a waste of money, Im just saying out of the 10 that I did, only 2 maybe 3 needed it. Sure, I measured them all up, checked the angles and set the cleats (almost always in a neutral position). But in the end I mostly moved the seat a little, maybe played with the tilt of the bar and sent them on their way. For sure they were better off leaving than when they came. But I really did not do a lot to most. And the ones that were way off base needed to buy a new stem\bar combo and some just did not to spend the money so I did what I could with what they had. So now I do that with every bike sold. No “fitting” needed unless someone has a issue with something. Some times people bring in their old bikes and I replicate the new one based on the old one.

My stem in April.

Today they have fitting machines that cost in excess of $15k. While there are instances where those thing can help a rider, most of the time its a service they offer to help sell bikes…. They are pretty cool tho. Wish I had one. I don’t have 15k laying around tho..

Im thinking about this today cuz Ive made a adjustment on the Maboone that helped me. At my age the thing is high head tubes. Get those bars up to make things a bit more comfortable. So I jumped on that bandwagon. For the most part my bars were almost level with my seat. In the past Ive been at a 4 cm drop to the bars. Or close to that.

My stem today.

But raising my bar put extra pressure on my butt and I was hurting there way more than usual. By raising the bar it shifted the weight back to my seat. So the other day I lowered my bar back to a almost 4cm drop and it was immediately better. No other issues with back\hands. So for me the bar up does not work. Im much better off bar down(ish).

Really, the angle of your back is pretty much set by the length of your hamstring. If you stand feet almost together, knees locked and bend over to try and touch the floor. If you can touch the floor then you can ride with your bars lower. If you cant then not so much. Its a quick test you can do yourself.

So Im getting a bit racy with the Maboone. Just in time for the Tuesday shop ride tonite. Weather looks good. Then tomorrow I have a new cable provider showing up so long ride will have to be Thursday.

The store is crazy busy and I have not been keep ting track of my hours on the seat. Its been two months since I downloaded my Garmin. Im due I guess.

I’ll get my I.T. guy right on that.


Wa da ya think?

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