Holiday Weekend

Its Monday morn and Im wiped out. After sleeping 7 hours last nite I feel like I need 7 more. Man I’m getting old.

Friday nite from the stores deck.

Friday nite I did something I never have done before. I closed early. Not a couple minutes but a full half an hour. But I was still there prepping for the weekend festivities so I kept a eye on it if someone needed a tube or something. It was all good.

Friday then started the Holiday weekend with the boat parade. Of course we lined the stores deck with lawn chairs and just sat. Visited a few local restaurants within walking distance and ate quite a bit. The parade started at 930pm so I was up way past my bedtime. But a good time was had by all.

Saturday was another first for me. First ride over 50 miles this summer. And longest time in the saddle too. 52 miles and almost 3 and a half hours. It was a great ride. Good weather. 4 of us stopped for coffee. A real good one. And I was happy to break the 3 hour barrier.

The rest of Saturday was spent just hanging out down by the river with family. Grandkids and kids. I spent most of my time in a chair due to the mornings ride but I would have done that anyway.


Some pretty big boats come to watch the fireworks. There was one bigger than this one later on. There’s a boat on that boat. Its a blast to just sit on the deck and people\boat watch. And that’s what I did the rest of the day. Tone of food set up so you could just get up and eat, then sit back down and do it again in a hour or so. The fireworks started right on time at 930pm and we must of had 30 people on the deck by then, Just a couple party crashers. Still, I did not get home till near midnight. Crazy by my standards.

Sunday it was back to work. 10 to 2pm. Half of that time was spent putting the store back together. Cleaning up. Folding up chairs. Vacuuming the chips off the floor. I was kinda hoping it was slow so I could get all the extra work done. It wasnt. Which is also good. Sold stuff and cleaned up.


After work I decided to ride the MTB home and ride thru out local trails on the way. Another hour and a half to add to my weekly total. However, it became apparent that I just ran out of gas for the lost sleep and bike rides. I got home and was wiped out. Still feel that way this morn. After my usual hour and a half Sunday ritual of cutting the grass I decided to get a ride back to the store to get my car as I was pretty sure I did not feel like riding in the morn and I was right. No ambition this morn. Good call.

I took a drive out to the park but it was hard to find a spot to sit. I did find one. The horizon is still a tint of yellow from the fires burning in Canada. The last couple of days its been apparent.

Today is a rest day. No bike riding. I’ll get to bed as early as I can to catch up. It sucks getting old. I used to do weekends like this with ease.

Thats was then, this is now.

Not much has changed. Heres a post from two years ago.


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