My Eyes

Yesterday. LRW

A few rides since we talked last.

Tuesday nite store ride was only 4 of us. It was cold. I froze my ass off but that’s just me not dressing correctly as usual. As we pulled away from the store I felt the cold and had a 2 minute window to go back and grab my warmers, but after taking too long to decide we were gone.

Of course as we headed west things warmed up but on the way back from the 35 miles ride we hit the wall of cold lake air and rode the last 8 miles in misery. Again, live and learn. With only four of us the average mph was down a bit. No issues with that tho.

So when I got back to the store I readied everything for long ride Wednesday. And woke up Wednesday morn to 48 degrees. No way was I going to road ride in that. So I got to the store and grabbed the MTB. Cooler temps are easier to take in the woods.

I headed to our local city park and was hoping to put in maybe three laps. Actually, I don’t do laps there but more like meander around. Then after about an hour of meandering I decided to throw down as best I could. At least for 30 minutes or so.

So off I went and my “race pace” which is pathetic but as fast as I can go is as fast as I could go…

I found out quick how rusty I am at this race crap. I pretty much bounced off every tree I could find. Overshot every corner and seemed to go out of my way and hit every rock I could see. Just a terrible thing to witness. However, I must say I did get better with time. Not good, just better. AFter all, its been quite a long time since I rode as fast as I can in the woods.

One of the things I noticed from not doing this type of thing for so long was my eyes. When your racing MTB’s(or anything) one of the things you need is good eyes. You cant react to anything if you don’t recognize it. Blasting into corners I could tell how rusty my eyes were at this. I just was not looking were I should have been. Sometimes you need to look ahead, sometimes you need to look right in front of you. Or both at the same time.

After my 30 minute pathetic interval I noticed the vision was coming back. You would see that rock coming up, then look farther up the trail while still negotiating around that rock just by memory. Based on what you saw a split second ago.

The really, really fast people do this well. Sure, you need the fitness and the bike handling skills but if you have good eyes all that other stuff comes much easier.

So it seems I will not be coming out of race retirement soon. I’ll just be happy tooling around the place. Which is what the 29+ bike does real well. Still liking it a lot. I could stay on this format no problem. But I could see getting a full suspension when one of the brands I sell has one. Im not getting any younger and mu knees and hips remind me of that everyday.

In that regards my plan is to ride the 29+ Stashe until October when my Farley gets here. Then sell the Stashe but at the same time get 29+ wheels for the Farley. Ride that until it snows and then rock the 4 by 27.5’s. Thats the plan anyway. Of course subject to change.

Time to get to work. Bikes don’t sell themselves. Maybe sometimes they do.


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