Little Dissapointed.

Lifes full of little disappointments and I received one of those yesterday. I’ve not mentioned this a lot but a few times but I received a small commission to write an article for Bicycle magazine a few months ago. Based on the fat bike winter riding and how we have been doing it for 15 years here already with MTB’s. I got the opportunity thru a friend of a friend.


Anyway, I sent it in two weeks ago and got a thanks but no thanks letter yesterday and I cant say Im not a little disappointed. I had visions of me writing and taking pics for spending money in my retirement someday. And while that dream isn’t completely trashed it sure took a major blow with that letter.

Just like the pics I take. Couple years ago I framed a bunch and hung them for sale in the store. Selling just one before I pulled the plug on that. They still hang in the store, and I still get a lot of compliments on them. And they might be good but not THAT good.

With my writing I also get some compliments. And it might be good but also not THAT good.

So as I sat on my bench this morn I was feeling a little sorry for myself. Its just a thing I really wanted and put many hours into. I have another piece started and not sure if I will take the time to finish. At least not in the immediate future. I can hang on to it tho, and maybe pick it up at a later date. As far as the article I sent in, they own it and said they will keep it on file and call me if anything changes. So that is that. I guess I’ll have to keep my day job. Which isn’t a bad day job.

Tonite is the stores Tuesday nite ride. Weather looks iffy. Its a busy week here heading into a Holiday weekend. And now I can replace my writing time with ride time.

Im feeling a little better now.


Wa da ya think?

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