I guess summer is here for real. Just some great weather the last few days. Summertime in Sheboygan means you only need a light jacket to go out and that’s fine by me.

On my walk this morn I stumbled onto this branch\tree sticking out of the sand, hanging over the water and recognized it right away. It was the same branch\tree that I always hung my fat bike off of this winter. It made for cool pics.

Here it was in November of last year.
Even on nite rides….

Now its a seagull hangout and that’s fine. They need something to do.

The weekend was fine for riding. Saturday I was on the MTB (the one that I need to ride more) and rode it home Friday nite and then back to the store on Saturday morn. Stopping by our local city park to watch the Xterra tri going on there. Seems interesting enough but I would pass. It was interesting watching some of the people on Huffys and hybrids tho…   My hats off to them for trying. A big E for effort.

After that I just tooled slowing around the lakefront and headed into work. My help backed out on me and I was alone for most of the day. Selling 6 bikes on my own that day. Very busy.

Like I mentioned Friday I then got to head to Milwaukee to catch one of the last Dairyland Tour races. It was great weather and a good race, sitting down to a nice restaurant right on the course with good food. All in all a great race too. Glad I went.

Sunday after 4 hours of work I grabbed the Maboone and headed out for my long ride home. Less than 3 miles in I picked up a huge metal staple in my rear tire and had to do a roadside tube change. After, I just did not feel like riding a long way without a tube so I stayed closer to home and cut the ride short. I had to finish cutting my grass anyway.

So I didn’t get my 10 hours last week but that’s fine. I’ll try to better the 10 mark this week and make up for it.


Wa da ya think?

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