Long Ride Thursday


Between Tuesday and Thursday I have 5 hours in and I gatta be happy with that. Im feeling better on the bike on the longer (for me) rides and that a good thing. Yesterday ride was at 2 hours 45 minutes. Just a 14.5mph average but that’s fine as I did not push the pace at all. Thats why Im happy to do the group rides as I have to push to stay in and I just cant replicate that alone. So I’ll call it a successful week on the bike.

The weather has been great for riding. The woods is a little wet still but the sun has been out enough to make the road riding good. Still cooler by the lake as I always need warmers in the morning still. But that’s just part of living here I guess. Does not pay to complain about it. It will warm up in August.

Saw these guys in the river behind the store. Drafting.

I know Ive said Im done talking about the Maboone but as I look back all I talked about was that driveline on a road bike. When critiquing the bike I seem to leave out one important thing. Those disc brakes.

While my last 3 cross bikes have been disc, starting with cable then moving to hydro, I never really had disc on a full out road version. I know the 150 pound racy guys are never going to go to disc due to the weight penalty.  And at that weight might not even notice a disc. But let me tell you as a guy who is a little bit bigger than the other guys, the disc brakes are a must have from now on. Ive been on them on my cross bike for 3 years now.

No longer a crapshoot if Im going to stop at a stop sign on the bottom of a hill. I remember with carbon brake surface pretty much just crossing my fingers many times. In the past I even went to the Dura Ace carbon wheel with aluminum brake surface and that helped a ton, but nothing like the hydro brakes.

I have ran both Shimano Di2 hydro and now Sram CX1 hydro. I even had Sram Red hydro back when they recalled then all. All brakes worked great. Today Im descending with just one finger on the lever with confidence. I will never, and I mean never go back to caliper. So that is another reason (reason # 7) that will most likely use a cross bike on the road.

I know there are some road bikes disc today. Just some. Some of them are dubbed “gravel bikes”. Trek’s Domane has a couple models that are disc.

I guess I still do not under stand the “gravel bike”. Its a road bike that accepts wider tires. They claim road bike geometry, not cross. But really when you look at the entire picture you are just splitting hairs. Cross, gravel and endurance bikes are just so close. Really just small changes in the top tube height and wheelbase. Head tubes are up.

To me they are close enough to do the same thing. But the one thing in common is the disc brake.

Just a couple years ago the wheel choices were minimum. In the last year that has changes. Today the choices for road or cross disc has doubled from two years ago. Many manufacturers like Bontrager and Zipp now making rims specific to disc brakes and not just throwing a disc hub on a existing rim. All good stuff.

I dont know what I’ll ride on the road next year but one thing is for sure, it will have disc brakes, and if that makes it another cross bike so be it.

There. Now Im done with the Maboone.

This weekend Ive got plans to ride both days but tomorrow is a Xterra event in town that I have not been to yet so I might just grab my MTB and ride over there in the morning to watch it before the store opens instead of a road ride.

Then after work Saturday its down to Milwaukee to watch the Downer Ave Crit. I try to never miss this one.

Sunday is up in the air but if I get my grass cut sometime beforehand I can do a longer ride. 5 hours on the weekend would be cool.

Have a good weekend.


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