Cav’s Sunglasses.

Another great store ride last nite. Ended up very tired (a good thing) and feeling a little better on the bike. This morning was to be my long ride Wednesday but this week its tomorrow and that fine by me. I’ll be much fresher then.  I have not looked at the weather but I hope its just like today. Perfect riding weather for me anyway.

Once again the Maboone performed as expected. Sometimes I think Im a little too critical of things, I really like the bike and when I say something negative about it Im splitting hairs. But really I have to if I want to keep it honest and not sound like a commercial. But then again, the Maboone is a custom deal and not by any means a production bike.

So there endith the lesson. Ive talked quite a bit about that experiment. And now I am done.

Lets talk about another product review.


I usually don’t get too excited about stuff like this. But these Oakley Jawbreakers are the best cycling sunglass I have ever used. Designed specifically for cycling. They are big. They look almost like goggles but do not feel like goggles. When you wear them and look straight ahead you do not see any frame. With 100% lens coverage. Ive had the same pair of Radars for three years and I thought I would keep those forever. But the Jawbreakers are the first real cycling specific glasses they made. That sounds wrong but its true. Ive seen a ton of people golfing or playing softball with Radars.

Mark Cavendish himself has put in time developing this piece (so they say).

For cycling, this frame rocks. Comptable. Dont even know you are wearing them. Now about the lenes. Really as far as super expensive Oakley stuff go’s its the optics that separate them from the others. And that’s been going on for years. I must have had four or five lenses for my Radars. Using the photochomatic the most. Oakley has this new lens called Prizm. Its not super dark but blocks the UV stuff well. But the difference is the clarity. It seems to give way more clarity on things. Stuff just pops out. Awesome lens for MTBing.

But, these things come at a price and you have decide for yourself if a $200+ dollar sunglass is for you. Im glad I switched from my Radars.

Again, not trying to sound like a advertisement. This is something I personally use. And really like it.

Thats it for the product reviews for awhile. Tomorrow Im out on a bike ride all morning, not sure what to do. Mountain or road. Or both? Will see. Hope to get in 4 hours, will settle for 3+. No post tomorrow. And I will be riding my Maboone, wearing my Oakleys. And I wont say a word about them Friday.


Wa da ya think?

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