Building Bikes (Summer Day Two)


Summer day two. After the big storms rolled thru yesterday the sun came out and it was another great day, this morning also. A very pleasant visit to the park this morn. Sun out and cooler temps. Looking forward the lows won’t get lower than the upper 50’s. Time to plan my first trial run on the tour bike. Im not sure what day to use.

I was thinking a Sunday leave. I get off work at two… then blast to one of two camps both about 25 miles away, and come home Monday morn. I could be back in store around 1pm at the latest that Monday. So I’ll pick a Sunday, and will shoot for a reservation but that might not be possible. Really, the State Parks will not turn away a bike packer and always can shove one somewhere in the park but I want a campsite, with a campfire. I’ll hope for the best in that regard. I still need to put the 920 back together. Its crazy how this bike has been rode once and has been in disarray like 3 times. But I plan on keeping it so its got to be the way I want it…

How about a bit more on my Maboone road bike. I’ve said quite a bit about it in the last few months but have been all over the board with it. I still really like it. But its not for everybody. Actually, its not for most people.

I really don’t know what Sram has planned for their road one by. Of course Im using their CX1 drive on that bike right now as all their road 1 X11 is not really out yet. With the biggest ring they offer (to date). The 46 tooth works for me. Its fast enough and low enough for me to climb. In fact I almost never use the top of the cassette but then again I  really have not climbed a lot. And even with my crappy cadence I can pedal up to 32mph and that’s fast enough for me.


But I really have not put it thru any extreme paces. Riding alone is a breeze. But in a group is a bit different. The lack of ratio choices hurts during those rides. Not the high or low end but the middle. That said, I can deal with it pretty well. You get used to it. Im used to it.

But if you ask me to recommend it to a full time roadie I would not. You have to ride the bike much different that a normal driveline. You need to adapt to make it work. And if you’re too stubborn to do that it would suck.

I would compare the one by road driveline to the dude who rides a single speed with a bunch of other MTBers. He really needs to ride much different that the others but once you get the hang of it its fine.

So Im kinda like that mountain bike SS guy but with a road bike. And not so many tattoos.

With all the companies, including Trek, coming out with a full on aero road bike in a month I get asked if using the cross frame hinders the road experience. First off its comfortable as all get out. Position is not so aggressive. Taller head tube. Sure, the top tube is way up there but that’s about the only thing you can see and feel.

Road performance? I dont know. Comparing apples to apples is the less aero cross frame slower than a road aero frame? Between you and me I would say Im not sure. But if you put a gun to my head and demand a yes or no answer I would say yes, its slower at higher speeds. Lets say, over 20mph sometimes I think I can feel a bit more drag compared to other bikes Im riding with. I dont know.  Maybe Im feeling something thats not there but I did have a aero bike last year with the Felt AR2. I think I can notice it more as Im getting into better bike shape,

Click here for a aero\non aero comparison.

Is that a deal breaker for me? Nope. In still riding a 15 pound bike with the best wheels you can buy.

Again, that said, I might try for the new Madone when it comes out. I have the Maboone already sold.

And that’s another thing. Getting a road bike for the summer and trying to sell it even at a great discount in Sept is hard. But selling a cross bike is Sept is a piece of cake. And waiting for a road bike until July\Aug always get you the current model for next summer. So thats easy to sell too.

Would I build 1 by 11 cross bike for a road bike again? Sure. Would I do it every spring? Probably not. I do miss the Di2 as I have been on it for 4 years now. When you first go electronic your blown away. But after a few years with it kinda loses its luster. But then go back to cables for awhile and you remember how nice it is. At this point I really want to get back to that on my road bike (or any bike for that matter). Not that I can’t concoct a one by road bike with Di2. I sure could.

So overall Im happy with the bike for sure. I love the Boone frame. Love the color of course. If I do it again next year I’ll use Ultegra Di2 most likely with a compact setup.

But then again, Im getting way ahead of myself. I have a Fatbike to build from scratch in Oct. Im already in the planning stages of that one. One could only imagine the thoughts going thru my head with that. Im pretty excited.

But lets get thru most of summer before I get too far along…


Wa da ya think?

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