Summer. Day One

Impending storm. 845am

Not a bad weekend. Not a bad week of riding. Had 10 hours in the saddle from Tuesday to Sunday. I’ll take that anytime. Saturday had my usual before work ride for mu usual hour and a half. Sunday I did my usual longer ride after work. Almost 3 hours yesterday afternoon. I got a little sunburn Sunday. My first one of the year. And proper as it was the first day of summer.

My plans to hit some of the bike races did not work out this weekend and that’s fine as long as its replaced with a ride. I only have one more chance to see one of the series races and that’s next Saturday. The Downer Ave race is one I have not missed much in the last 10 years….

Things are quiet this morn at the store. Impending pretty big storms about an hour away. Nobody’s outside right now. Not like yesterday. I drove to the park before work yesterday and had to wait in line to get thru the gate, a million people there. I was there three times yesterday. Twice by car and once by bike. The weather was great.

One again on my ride yesterday I met up with a couple from Chicago riding around Lake Michigan. Pretty much made me daydream about touring soon. And again I thought they were packed so light. Maybe I take too much stuff. With my new super lite ultra expensive tent my biggest thing now is my sleeping bag. Which is rated only down to 40 degrees so its not that thick. Soon I will just pre pack the bike to see where I am in that respect.

Right now the 920 is kinda in pieces. I needed to do a warranty issue on a X7 rear derailleur so I just took the one off  that bike. I’ll have another by Wednesday. But in the meantime I’m switching handlebars also. I was trying to figure out how to ditch the bar end shifters but its just too expensive. Being hydro brakes. I could go with some thumb shifters on top the bar somehow but its got a Sram derailer and most of those are Shimano compatible. So I’ll just keep the bar ends and just get over it. The bar I put on has a very flat top. Maybe a bit more comfortable in the long run. The bike will be ridable this week some time.

Thats about it for a Monday. Hopefully I’ll get as many hours this week as I did last. Starting with the store ride tomorrow nite….


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