Pigs Flew

Will wonders ever cease? I actually rode my MTB this morn. About a hour in our local park trails. No big efforts whatsoever but was nice20150619_094806[1] to get out in the woods again. This is only the second time I rode this bike and first time in June. I was wondering why I even got this thing. Why did I just not wait until fall when the fat bikes came out. But then I put one measly hour on the thing and I remember why and ask myself why don’t I do this more. I promised myself I will ride this bike more. Will do it for real. Once a week.

Besides, the fat bikes are now slated to show up in Oct. And that would have been too long of a wait for sure.

Its a great start to the day. I can see the sun.

Looking forward to the weekend, my Saturday ride will be a short one. I have to work so its back to the store by 10am. Then, right after work I will hop in a car and head to Grafton for the TOAD race. We only go to one or two of these races per year now. And we have been to the Grafton race every year since its been alive. In the past this race was on the NRC calendar and that brought out some more national teams. Im sure that some will show but its might have lost some of its luster.

And that fine, its still a race and its got a nice vibe to it. We show up, sit down along the course for some dinner and relax. I like it.

Sunday I’ll also work but I have a few new employees up to almost speed and could maybe leave early. Time will tell. For sure I will get in another ride. I was just thinking between Tuesday, Wednesday and today I have about 6 hrs total seat time. Im pretty happy about that. Hope to keep it going.

Ive got a couple of posts Im working on. With one being another write up on the Maboone cross\road bike I have been riding. After about 500 miles (I think) I’ll have some final thoughts. That, and I few more product reviews on stuff Im now using.

Have a great weekend and get outside.


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