LRW. Yesterday

I might want to rethink long ride Wednesday. And maybe switch it to Thursday.


The group ride was another good one. This has only been the second one and we were well over 10 bikes. And the pace is more than I expected. Not that thats a bad thing. I need to get pushed during these things cuz I cant do it on my own. Last weeks avg mph was 16.8. Tuesdays was 17.1 and that’s after a cooldown thru the park. I think we had a 17.5 heading into the park. And to me thats pretty good, I’ll take it. Some of the faster guys did most of the pulling, I did a small share myself. But as we neared 30 miles I pretty much was done and sat in as best I could. I fell 50 yards off the back twice but was able to pull myself back in both times.

This is the stuff I need to get into the swing. Hope to have more of that. I was so sore when going to bed I thought I should have taken some ibuprofen. I didn’t but felt it all nite. But that’s a good kind of sore.


Which led me to long ride Wednesday. Im not so sure this will work out in the long run as I woke up still sore from Tuesday. So motivation was low. But I dressed and headed for the store by 8am. Got there, prepped with actually taking extra water and food which I never do and grabbed the bike to go.

Flat front tire. Slow leak got the best of me last nite. So I take off my helmet, arm warmer etc and go to work. Changed out the tube fine enough and put everything back on and took the bike outside. In the light I saw a small cut in the tire. Small enough to miss cuz I didn’t turn the stores lights on, but big enough to worry me all the ride.

So…everything off again, tire off the rim and I patched the cut from the inside. Re mounted the tire, got my stuff on and out the door I go about 40 minutes later. All in all it was a good ride as I met up with a friend unexpectedly and we rode for awhile. After he had to flippit back I continued but not much longer as Ive been out for about a hour forty five and had a headwind on the way home. The legs still feeling last nites ride. It was a slow pedal home with a 14.5 mph average but Im sure it was over 15 closer to 16 before I turned around. Still, I was out 2 hours 45 minutes with almost 40 miles in. I’ll take that and if I get a good week of riding will shoot for that 3 hour mark next week.

But Im not sure if I should move the ride day to Thursday. The effort Tuesday nites will hamper Wednesday morn for sure and I hope to get up to 60 miles like last year.

July 10th, 2014 here.

It seems I have some time to build up to that mark. And I’ll sure give it a try.


Today was just a small drive out to the park. My legs are still sore after the last two days and today is a day off the bike for sure. Besides I have a lot of work to do as there is about 10 sold bikes here to be built and delivered.


I still use my phone for pics even tho I have an expensive (relatively) camera with me. I’ll get that work done today as I will plan a shorter ride in the morn before the store opens. And then can take a look at my weekend.

Keep riding.


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