Sun (is out)


Pretty damn nice morning. Sun is out. Drove to the park for some bench time and it seems so did many others so I passed. The park is way more than just a lake, its sand dunes too. Although I seems the lake kinda photobombed this pic anyway.  I would have been on the bike but I had more than two errands to run before the store opens.

Besides its Tuesday and I have the store ride lined up tonite. And then tomorrow is Long Ride Wednesday. I dont have to open now on Wednesdays. I’ll actually prep for the ride tomorrow. Food and drink. 50 miles the plan.

Today I start my diet of sorts. Its not a diet. Just going to be more conscious of my intake. Being a bigger guy has really never been a big problem for me. I carried my weight pretty well. But as I get older that’s getting harder to do and its affecting my day to day. Too much shit hurts now and I need to lighten the load to give my joints some help. So Ive once again will walk around with pen and paper, writing down all I take in. Step one.

Today thru the park i saw some bike tourists at the group camp. Maybe 10 or so. The park is a common stop for those groups either heading south from Green Bay or north from Milwaukee. Seeing them as they were packing up and heading out on a sunny day makes me daydream. Again, soon for me. But then again, I saw a few yesterday in the rain and I thought that didn’t look like much fun.

I have not toured a whole lot but I did get rained on twice. Once was big time heading into Eagle River, WI and another was when I was heading south along the west side of Lake Michigan. Near Algoma, WI. The first one a just rode thru it, completely soaked. But I was heading to a friends cabin and I knew I had a good place to dry off just 10 miles away. The second time I saw it coming and kept an eye out for places to hide. At the very last minute I rolled past a small wayside with a bathroom, bee lined for it and I was not in there more than 3 minutes before it hit. And it was not just rain but a full blown storm with huge wind. I huddled in that bathroom, brought my bike in there too. And waited it out. Maybe only 10 minutes and it was over. Sun came out and I remember a huge rainbow over the lake. One of those things that happen on a bike tour that you never forget.

And I wont. Every time I pass that small wayside, mostly driving up to Door County, I think of that day that I got to stay dry. Someone was looking out for me then.

No post tomorrow due to LRW. I’ll let you know how I did on Thursday.


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