Dodging the Rain.

Commuting. Monday morn.


Was pretty excited to get the store staffed strong enough to do some serious riding. I was planning an extended Saturday morn group ride but it was not to be. At least the extended part. The weather was a bit cool but fair enough to head out at 8am. Just four of us. But within 30 minutes fog rolls in. Some serious fog. And strangely not off the lake but rolling in towards the lake .

The line of fog where you were soaked without rain. We cut the ride short, flipped back with only about 25 miles. Then, after we got back to the store the rain came. So I guess we hit the best window that was to be hit. I over dressed and was miserable. Soaked, cold and hot at the same time.


Again, woke to a constant rain. Had the store staffed but nothing to do so I went to work anyway and got quite a bit done, besides selling some bike that is. I did bring my stuff along (as I always do) and the weather broke around noon. So I made plans to ride after work. Not my usual long Sunday loop home cuz I loaded up my backpack in case I didn’t want to come back to the store. So another bike and I went straight to my house, ditched the backpack and threw down another 20 or so miles from there. I ended up with about 25.Not bad considering what it looked like outside a few hours ago. I even got the grass cut when I got back.

I decided not to go back to the store and made the decision to ride back in the morn.


After hearing about a fog advisory before I hit the sheets I wondered what the ride in was going to be like. I woke and looked at the radar and it did in fact tell me rain was on the way. So I hurried and did my morning rituals, got on the bike and headed in. Its only a 5 mile ride so I took my time. Even explored some back alleys downtown on my way in. It was pretty early to get to the store but I wanted to beat the rain and I did by about 30 minutes.

But now here I am at the store with nothing to do but this blog. I got most of the ordering done yesterday. So maybe another nooner ride would be nice. If the rain stops. If not I could ride my 920 again with full fenders. I need to ride it once or twice yet to tune it in. Waiting for that tent to arrive and that first overniter. Any day now. I think I’ll send them a email to check when its going to be here.

This weekend I was thinking how little I have been on the Stashe. One real ride and one small one. And that was a month ago. Im ashamed to say that. But the constant rain does not help. I just don’t ride on wet trails.

Soon I will get that bike out also. Its not that I have so many bikes to ride. Just three including the tour bike right now. I know many people who have twice that or more. I just need to do it. And I will. This week.


Wa da ya think?

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