2015? 2016?

805am  yesterday.

Its quite the rainy morn. Mild flooding. Its been raining for almost 24 hours now. For sure no MTBing this weekend. Or at least for the next few days. Yesterday was the first edition of long ride Wednesday (on a Thursday) and it was a good one. Got the longest ride of the year in. Sadly that was only 45 miles but every miles counts this time of year.

I saw the rain coming yesterday morn and was not sure how much time we had but off I was with another at 8am. Destination unknown.

With all my rides to date being about an hour and a half in length, it was about a hour and a half before I noticed any fatigue. I was very tired when I got to the store. And glad I got the ride in less than an hour before the rain hit. The same  rain that’s still going this morn. 44 point something miles and about 2:45 in the saddle.  15.8 mph average but that could have been 16 easy as we toured the city a bit on the way out of town. All in all a successful ride.

Starting next Wednesday I will be putting in more longer rides. If I can get a longie in Wednesday and Sunday that would be cool. And help me a ton in bike fitness. With the selling season in full swing this could be a busy weekend and the store is at full strength for the first time. And that means I can get another full ride in tomorrow morn. Pretty excited about that too. Sunday Im not real sure yet. Would love to get in some MTB riding but will have to see how the woods is by then. Another long ride home from work on the road if the woods is still wet. I would like to get 6 hours in between Saturday and Sunday.

I lot of people are asking if Im going to get the new Madone 9 when it comes out and like I said the other day Im not sure yet. Im loving the Maboone I now riding. For me I honestly dont think its slower or faster than any other road bike Ive had. But that’s just me. However, the Boone will sell when cross season is imminent. And that could be as early as Sept leaving a lot of great fall road riding for me yet to do. The Madone 9 is a bike I could get and keep until next year as it will remain fresh for a long time. Well into next year. Or longer.

Trek is kinda trying to get away with “model year” and replace that with “the updated model just out”.  In the past bikes year end turnaround was in August. Now a days its just when the older version sells out. Many bikes on my floor today are considered the “2016” bike. My Boone is considered a 2016 even tho it was released in April of 2015.

I applaud this. I the past popular models just ran out in June and July and we as a dealer had to sit and wait until August when the selling season was winding down to get the new ones. Now they just release them ongoing. The color change is about the only thing I then need to discuss with the customer. And that never a big issue when they know they are getting the latest version of the bike. And I can keep selling when someone is buying. A good deal.

So the new Madone is a 2015 and a 2016 and maybe a 2017 for all I know. Components and color will always change year to year but the frame remains the same.

The weather is looking to clear up this weekend so it could be a good one for bike riding.

Have a great weekend. Get outside.


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