Bike Riding


Another glorious day. Its actually kinda hot at 730am. Got to the park and got my bench. Very warm west winds had me spend a little longer there. I should really have gotten to the store early cuz Im the only one opening today but I’ll take that chance. Even tho its still June days like this are numbered here. Take advantage. Today’s pic was doctored up. It was not that hue. I only mention this because of yesterdays smoke infested atmosphere from the Canada fires. Thats gone now and the sky is as blue as it comers.

With the addition of summer help comes the beginning of Long Ride Wednesdays again. LRW’s started about 2 years ago and its a day I set aside where I don’t have to open the store but grab a bike and head north or south depending on wind. Starting next Wednesday. However this week I can grab tomorrow morn and I will. Most likely I will ride my bike home tonite, then leave the house around 8ish and hit the store around noonish. Looking forward to those rides.

Last nite was the stores first Tuesday nite ride. We leave at 5pm for about 2 hours. Had 8 bikes I think and we averaged 16.8 mph. Nothing mind blowing but a great start in my book. At least for me. This was my first real group ride of this summer and thats kinda sad it took so long. I was a bit sore this morn but in a good way. Hope to improve soon.

Sitting on the bench this morn I was definitely thinking about getting that tour bike going. In the next few days I will get work schedules set and can then plan my escape.

Thats about it for today. Might not get a post tomorrow as I will hopefully be in the bike all morning.


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