Security breach.


Today the sun is a bit tinted due to smoke from wild fires in Canada. It just seems hazy but you can tell its not fog. I even thought I smelled it once or twice by the lake but probably not. Another warm morning and I got my bench to myself. Good start to the day.

So yesterday pics leaked out on the new Madone. Completely re done. It looks nice. Funny how they try to keep it a secret but have the Pro team out racing and training on them. Dumb? Dumb as a fox. Trek is the master of drama. And to their credit. Announce a big deal coming at the end of the month, even my rep said he did not see anything, then park one outside a hotel somewhere and let it happen. I applaud that. At least it allows a dealer with a heads up.

I remember in 2012 in spring when the Domane came out. Without any notice. I had just got my Madone P1. Had it maybe a week and then the media blitz for the new Domane. I was pretty pissed. I had just received my $8k Madone and now its old news. I ending up making some phone calls and sold the Madone and had my Domane a few weeks lat110-659x440er. But if I had a heads up I would have waited a few weeks for the new bike.

Heres what I know (and its not be a lot). Completely new design. new arched top tube. I guess that’s a thing now but not new to the industry.

The rear brake is back on top but still is Treks direct mount system. I cant see a cable or wire anywhere. It has the iso coupler and that just might make me pull the trigger on one for me. New design aero seat post\mast. And really thats all I know. Some Speed Concept features are visible too.

Its a aero bike so its not as light as the Emonda. To make a bike frame aero you need to use more material to form the shapes. Look at the size of that BB area.

For me, it will be a no brainer if they include thru axles and disc brakes. But Im not holding my breath. This is a full blown race bike. And Im sure we will be seeing a lot of it in a few weeks in France.

Lets get back to Treks ingenious marketing plans. Again, which I applaude. That front skewer recall. We all know that skewer is on a million bikes of several brands. But Trek was the only one to recall it. And add on a $20 gift cert to have the bike fixed. Well you know that $20 dollar gift card many times turned into a $40 purchase in the store. Again making the bikes safer and getting some extra sales. Win\win.

If you look at the big three (Trek\Specialized\Giant) no way does any come close to Trek in that respect. Im glad to sell those bikes. They just seem to put more effort in this stuff.

Anyhoo, the new Madone looks great and will be released June 30th. I mean for real June 30th. Is it the bike for me? I dont know. I like my 1X11 Boone right now but I won’t pass up a new Di2 bike either.

Will see at the end of the month.

Tonite is the store’s first Tuesday nite ride. Finally my summer help is almost full strength and I can walk away for a bit now and then. Or should I say ride away. I’ll take it either way.


Wa da ya think?

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