Mid Post Summer.


Its a rainy Sunday in the store. Pretty slow day. But not entirely wasted. I take the time to do all my Monday ordering now. It saves me time and lets me get out for a nooner  tomorrow. Ive got to new employees that are in training and will soon be able to open the store. And close. That will open my door to get away a bit more. All work and no play makes Dan a dull boy.

Other store news: I just put a tandem in the rental fleet. I have mixed feelings on that one. Its just a different type of bike to ride so I hope someone does not ride it off a cliff. Or worse. It was already rented yesterday for the first time and all went well. I was going to wait until tomorrow to say but this gets posted then anyway……

Tent Watch 2015 is over! My order is in. This one. $325.00 with carbon poles and shipping. Which is funny cuz that’s the first one I looked at. I could have just ordered it over a month ago and moved on. So that is the very last piece of the puzzle and its on to getting the bike ready to go. And then go. It will most likely be a Sunday nite. I could leave after work at 2pm and the State Parks have a better shot at a site open. I’ll start planning my first overnighter tomorrow.

Thats about it for this rainy Sunday. A very rare post day indeed.


Sometime between yesterday (Sunday) morning and now summer has hit. Cold and rainy yesterday when I walked into the store at 9am, then 20 degrees and warmer when I left. Sunny with a little wind. Summer can hit here at any time so you have to be ready and I was. At 2pm after work I grabbed the bike and headed out. No knee or arm warmers. Saturday morn I still needed a wool base layer.


I did my usual 30 miles long way home loop and met up with a dude who was circling Lake Michigan. He has an incredibly light load. Pulling a Bob trailer half loaded. He said he was on a credit card tour and had no camping gear but cripes, I think he had no extra clothing along. I carry three full kits at a time.

He left Muskegon,MI and is heading up the coast. We talked for a few minutes and I gave him better directions to the hotel he was going too. I also notice his bike was a mess. A huge mess. he said he used Phil Tenacious oil on his chain. Thats bad. The entire back half of his bike was black. He said he was starting to lose his shifting. he said he will stop in Green Bay to get it all corrected. he didn’t mind if he stayed there a couple days. After about 15 minutes we parted.

That really is digging deep in me to get going with my touring stuff.  I cant wait to take a couple mini tours as soon as the summer help is up to speed. Soon.

This morn is just a beautiful summer day. Woke to 70 degrees and sun. I headed to the park with my coffee and once again found my fav bench occupied and had to ditch for another spot by the lake. I didn’t find one so I just hung out by the car. A million people riding\running\walking. Summer is here. And it happened mid post on this blog.

Looking at the forecast out 10 days its warmer. I’ll leave the arm and knee warmers in my bag but will now put away the base layers into storage along with the rest of my winter stuff.

The word of the day is summer and its game on. For real.


Wa da ya think?

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