Today I did something I have not done in a long time. I guess it happened yesterday too. Im almost embarrassed to say it. I rode my bike home from work. Then back to the store this morn. Its been at least four years since.

Its not that I don’t want to do it but I do a bit of running around during the day that I just cant do on a bike due to time constraints. So riding to work and leaving my car home is out. But riding home and leaving my car at the store is in. I didn’t decide to do it until late afternoon. I always have a kit or two at the store for my last minute nooner rides so at 7pm I kitted up, Strapped on my backpack that I always carry with me and rode the almost 6 miles home. Took me all of 18 minutes which is crazy cuz it takes me about 10 in the car.

I considered ditching the backpack for the 920 with a pannier but I really like riding my Boone road bike which I now call a Maboone. I did have a bit of a concern that it was going to be a bit rainy this morn, and it did rain an hour before I left home but it dried up nicely. A wet ride to work would suck. Then that fendered 920 starts looking pretty good.

The bonus of riding to work is that I get to the store and ditch the pack for another 10 miles or so. I need much more of this. I feel better physically and mentally. WIll consider another round after work today. One would think it would be a no brainer and it should not be. I really dont know why I don’t do this more. I just don’t have an excuse. So its game on in that respect. No excuses. Unless its raining. That’s an excuse I will still use. But thats it, no other.

That said I won’t do this everyday. There are days I do stuff after work and those day I’ll need the car home for whatever. But I really am looking forward to the combined 25 miles I get everytime.

That makes me think about bike store owners that don’t ride. There are many and they will never admit it. And I don’t mean they test ride a bike in the parking lot. I mean ride a lot for pleasure. If I didn’t ride there no way I would own and operate a bike store. I always said you don’t get rich doing this and you need to be able to take advantage of every perk to make it worth it. And I do. To the point of abuse. While Im financially comfortable here I could make a lot more money in the transportation industry ( my profession). But throw in all the bikes I ride for all practical purposes free, and its a deal.

I can’t imagine doing this just for the money. This is not a deal where you do it cuz “its a job”. You have to love doing this to make a go of it. And I do. It would take a lot to get me out of this.

Then, on the other side of the coin, you have the bike shop owners who ride and race, or did so earlier in life professionally. Those guys (or gals) go into this way ahead of the non riders, and the social riders like me. Their experience and fame carries them a lot farther. But really only with the racing crowd. Their years of experience has no bearing a family looking for a comfy hybrid. We are all on even ground then. In fact, the social rider like me has a bit of an edge cuz we look more like “normal” people and not some skinny athlete who has never pedaled a bike over 16 pounds. Sometimes my extra weight actually helps me sell to the regular gay or gal. But when I’m selling some $5k Madone my body weight hold me back. For obvious reasons. I don’t look like the guy who has much experience in a 25mph peloton. But I do.

TBT: heres a post from June 4th, 2010

I am officially confused with Tent Watch 2015. Its not going to end well I think. Again, I should just go with my first choice and wait for it. I’ll call them today to find out how long. I may need to borrow a tent to get the ball rolling.


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