Day by day Im getting acquainted more and more with my camera. And I still have not even dug into it in depth yet. My plan is to sell prints in the store soon. This pic could make the cut. Maybe. Ive got some big plans here this summer. Trying to get a door onto the deck. Then stock some types of general gifts. Im trying to get some Life is Good products. Hats, t’s and stuff. Along with some original  t’s Im designing. Throw in some of my prints and there’s a bit more going here I hope. The setup of this expansion is taking a lot of my time.

This entire week seems to be getting better every day as far as the weather go’s, I should be able to get out for at least a couple nooners this week. Maybe today.

As far as yesterday’s post go’s: I am writing a lot. If you remember Ive been asked to write about our winter riding we have done for years. While that piece is almost done Im also writing several other articles. One is about bike store owners and the differences between them. I think I will format that one and throw it on this blog.

Its because of this blog I got the first consignment last fall. So Im thinking I maybe should pick it up a bit as far as content. Ive been holding back thinking I need to save good stuff in case I can sell it. But Im thinking thats a very slight chance, and I have more fun on the blog. Its just not fun pouring time into an article that will never get read.

I’ll still have the “this is what I did yesterday” crap going on but I might just sneak some deeper content once a week or so. Will see.

The tent watch 2015 is still ongoing. I know you are all wondering which one Im going to buy. I have never put so much research in anything in my life. I’ve spent less time buying a car. I dont like it. I dont have the time for it.

Maybe today will be the big day.


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