Tent Week


Very nice morning. But cold. Did not hang by the lake long as I did not have  jacket along. Today’s pic is a rare pic in the park that does not include the lake. Although it just to the left.

Was not a good weekend for riding. Rain out Fri and Sat. Did get out for 20 quick miles after work on Sunday but the 30mph winds hampered quite a bit.

Today in the park I drove thru the campgrounds ( I usually do) and smelled all the campfires from all the people trying to stay warm and just thought about my pending bike tours. And how much I will look forward to them. I like camping. I like riding a bike. What am I waiting for? Well, a tent for one. And maybe to warm up a bit in general too. The last couple nites were close to the 30’s at nite. But soon. Very soon.

I think I over think this stuff. I mean, I decide to ditch any summer racing to tour like in March. Then I have over three months to think about it before I do it. With over five months until the trip around the lake. I lot can happen between now and then. Ive already packed and repacked the bike like 4 times. And never even thrown a leg over it yet.

Within the next week I get all the summer help at full strength.  Its quite a long spring holding down the fort alone. Many hours at work. Once school is out I will be able to take almost daily rides. About time.

Every once in a while I look back at my post on the same day a few years ago.

This one from June 3rd 2010

I don’t know, Lately my posts just seem to repeat things. Maybe thats because Im writing a lot of other things and save my creativity for that stuff. Sometimes I do get a pretty intricate idea that is just too much for a blog post, in the past I would just type it and scale it back. Now those ideas get typed out in detail elsewhere. Maybe I should just kinda go back to talking about bike stuff more. I do now but maybe more specifically. More product reviews? I always try to not drag any store advertising here.

Anyhoo, this week Im buying a tent if it kills me. I do have some specific brands in mind like the one I linked to a couple days ago. Just checked. Sold out. I think I will check out a few local stores before I pull the online trigger.

I do feel bad about online buying. I bought my camera from some ebay store. I saved $50 bucks and everything went well with the sale but I just dont like it. Maybe Im old fashioned or maybe its cuz I battle the internet with my own store. But whatever it is I just don’t feel good about doing it. But, its a way of life nowadays.

But either online or local, its tent week. For real.


Wa da ya think?

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