On tap.


Its a gloomy Friday morn. Storms rolling thru. Calling for the same tomorrow. Im glad i got out yesterday for 30 miler or so.

On tap for today: The carpet guys are here putting in some nice carpet in the “spare” room upstairs. Its going to be the new shop in summer and the new spin\yoga studio in winter. After three years of talking about this Im done procrastinating on this one. Its getting done for real.

On tap for today: Setting up the weekend. We are now open Sundays and guess who gets to work the first one alone. Ive hired another summer helper. In the past I always tried to get away with the minimum needed but this year Im over staffing. I’ve been burned too many times during the summer. I mean, I understand these are part time people and I’ll plan on one or two moving on at some point this summer. So I’ll hire to accommodate that. I hope to be able to get away more very soon. Im getting a bit of burn out.

On tap for today: Im going to buy a frickin tent. Pull the trigger already.

This one.

I need to be ready to tour when I have the help to do it. Its all coming together as planned. I hope.

On tap for today: going to go thru the 920 one more time, then ride home Saturday after work and back to work on Sunday. That will be the shakedown of sorts. Maiden ride. First time with bar end shifters. I’ll pull all the bags off for that. Just get the bike set up. Seat, bars and such. Maybe take the long way to work on Sunday.

I dont really have a ride set this weekend persay. Just the riding to and from work. I remember last year I always rode home from work on Sunday afternoons. Then came back to get my car later. But always did a two hour loop to the house. Maybe I’ll do that again Sunday.

Thats about it for this weekend. Hope the weather hold out.

Have a great weekend. Get outside.


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