High Waters


Today I get to my happy place early only to find someone already occupying my fav bench. So I took a stroll. Its crazy how high the water is. I’ve noticed this last year but the lake seems to still be getting bigger with time. Pretty soon you won’t be able to walk along side the water without getting your feet wet.


I wonder what the land owners are experiencing? People with expensive houses here had a ton of beach on their property, now the lake comes within 20 yards of their living room window. I remember riding the beach this winter and noticing how much closer we were to the houses.  A ton of people in the park this morn. I guess its game on. Soon I won’t drive down in the morning anymore but ride instead. My alone time out there now put on hold until the end of the summer, when it gets cold again. Then I’ll have the place all to myself. But until then I don’t mind sharing.

Its Thursday. heading into a Holiday weekend. Always a crazy time in a bike store. People showing up at the last minute needed their bike fixed before the weekend. Asking for same day service. We accommodate as best we can but ultimately cant do all of them. Im in the store early to try and stay ahead.

I have a ride window today of noon to 2pm. I will take advantage.

Im not sure what Im up to this weekend. Still too early to tell. But I’ll shoot for five days in a row on the bike with Monday off. Maybe will try and do something special like head up to Door County to ride this weekend. All last minute stuff.

Im thinking I need to ride my MTB more. At least more than the once so far. I’ll give that some thought.

Ive still got some time to figure out my weekend.


Wa da ya think?

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