After muddling thru the weekend, staring out the window at the 70 degree weather for 12 hours yesterday, I finally got a ride in this morn.

Its was 42 degrees, almost 30 less than yesterday, and yes, I froze. But… it was not foggy or raining so I’ll look at the bright side of life today. With all my “winter” stuff packed away I wore everything I had. Still cold. Warmer temps every day this week. Today Im daydreaming a bit…

Im mean, Im looking toward the weekend already. I actually have TWO days off in a row. Both Sunday and Monday. I had planned on a mini trip with the 920 but just no campsites available. And its going to be a bit cold at nite, and I still didn’t pull the trigger on a tent. I really should. But anyway, there will be bike riding to be done.

Cripes, its only Tuesday and Im talking about the weekend.

I have an interview tomorrow for some summer help. A girl. If hired she will be the second girl I have working here. And I gatta say I think that is a good thing. Other bike shops gasp at the thought. I welcome it. I hope things turn out.

No ride for me tomorrow. But I have a bike post brewing for tomorrow. A post about carbon.


Wa da ya think?

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