I Give Up

815am Glorious morning.

What a beautiful morning. What a contrast to the weekends weather. Its not fair. Cold, rain and fog all weekend. This morn 70 and sunny. Look at the pic. At the water’s horizon is the bank of fog that attacked us all weekend.

closer look at the fog bank. couple miles out.

After some nice rides on Thursday and Friday I woke to huge fog on Saturday, and cancelling all ride plans. Little did I know that just 6 blocks inland was as clear as can be. Stupid lake. East winds had fog at the store pretty much all day Saturday. It would come and go. Either way I was out of a ride.

Sunday was still a bit foggy but not as bad. A little warmer. I got to the store and dressed to ride. Helmet on and walked out to find a pretty good drizzle going on. Ground wet. Dammit. I and another tools around a bit only to complain and pull the plug after 10 minutes. 15 minutes after that the drizzle stops and no rain the rest of the day.

Maybe I just give up too soon. Maybe when the weather seems bad I should ride first before I make a decision. But on days like Saturday my riding window is small and very easy to miss. Hesitate 30 minutes and its gone.

Sunday I had all day. I woke up and even ate stuff thinking today was the day for a 3 to 4 hour ride. When we hit the street it was drizzling to the point where we had to take out glasses off. If we waited just 15 minutes we would have been good to go.

So both days instead I just went home and sat on the couch and ate. So self destructive. What a wasted weekend.

I need to stop giving up so easy. On rides that is.


Wa da ya think?

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