Cold Ride\Warm Ride

I just can’t dress myself right.

stupid lake

Yesterday it seemed kinda warm so I just went out with a wool layer under my jersey. And froze. Its one of those times where you realize you’re under dressed a few miles in but you just don’t have the time to turn back. So I just sucked it up and rode. Almost 2 hours.

This morn the temps were right about the same so I added knee warmers and a vest. And sweated out. I just never get it right. I always had problems in this regard. I’m good in winter and I’m good in summer. The inbetween just kills me. You would think after 15 years of this I would have it nailed.

But its not my fault. The stupid lake has the temps fluctuate 10 or more degrees on these rides. One of the non perks of living near the lake. You get a cold and a warm ride on the same ride.

Tomorrow will be a abbreviated group ride for me. I gatta open the store. And Sunday looks like a warmer day but a pretty big chance of rain. I hope there is a window there I can hit that day so I can get four days in a row for the first time this summer\spring. That would be cool. Maybe a longer\lower effort ride. I need to start those if Im going to tour this summer. You need to trail for touring but its a completely different kind of training. No intervals. All base.

That’s my kind of training. Have a good weekend.


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