A Ride

Heading out on a nooner todDSCN4659ay. Usual route to the park. And planning on two hours before work tomorrow. The plan would be 4 days in a row but will see what the weather brings.

Im not much on planning rides days ahead based on weather. The weather dudes said rain everyday this week except monday and it has yet to rain, during the day anyway.

Not that I can plan that far in advance anyway. Today I see a window around 1pm so Im going for it.

Many times I plan this and ten minutes before I am to ride a ton of people walk in the store and then its back to work. Then after I miss my window I don’t see another human for 3 hours. Retail is a crazy unpredictable thing.

The Boone cross\road bike is still a go. But the more I ride the more I want more gear options. As I said before I can deal with it here… but if its anywhere hilly I would need more ratio options. Im not sure what the Sram “road” one by uses for a cassette. I have the CX1 11\36. If I went to a 11\34 would the ratios be closer? Ive wondered this before. I should stop wondering and check it out.

With a 46 tooth ring and the 36 in the rear is low enough for me. In fact I don’t think Ive ever used it. Then again, Ive not climbed a ton either.

Next time I do this kind of thing Im pretty sure I’ll do a 2X compact Di2. Then again, who knows what I’ll be thinking at the time.

Again, this 1X for the road is doable. Im not ditching it and will ride it all summer. Maybe opting for a different cassette later in the season. And I must say the brakes are marvelous. Love them. Being a bigger guy I notice this more than others. Sure stopping power is nice. Will not have another road bike without them. Ever.

I should go, have some things to do before my ride.


Wa da ya think?

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