Game Plan


Still playing a bit with my camera. Its still got a lot of buttons and stuff that I have no clue what they do. I’ll get to them all eventually. My morning visits to the park are not quite the same lately. I no longer am there alone. As the summer draws its gets harder and harder to spend a quiet moment and when school’s out near impossible. Thats when I will kinda ditch the morning visits for a morning bike ride. Its hard to believe Memorial Day is less than two weeks away.

The store will get busy and be open Sundays then. I gatta prepare for that. All hands on deck.


While Im always looking to ride more I never have a game plan and I should. Owning your own business, being your own boss has some advantages. And some disadvantages. My ride time is really based on when I have help in the store. And that’s based on my summer part time help’s availability.

Sure, I could just insist they work when I need them but it does not work that way with summer help. They have other stuff going on and usually have to balance that other stuff with store time. Thats just the way it is with part time people.

Im still here more than double of anyone else and my ride times usually come unannounced and hard to plan for.

Noon is a good time for me. And I’ll set up Tuesday nites with a few others. Saturday morns are always hit and miss. And soon Sundays will be too. (Almost) everyone has this internal life struggle with ride time. Im not alone. I guess best case is pick a couple group rides a week and plan around them. Years past, before the store I attended the Saturday group ride like religion. I missed maybe 3 out of 52 a year. My entire family planned around me doing that. After a year it just went unsaid. And owning a bike store has changed that.

But I’ll try to figure something out. I always shoot for 10 hours a week. Mostly solo. With one ride close to four hours. In a perfect world.

And everyone knows my world is perfect.


Wa da ya think?

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