Weekend Report (late)


Your looking at the US Lee Tregurtha passing by this morn. Loaded with iron ore heading to Indiana. Before my new camera I would not even have attempted this pic. Its way out there.

With the bike report yesterday I did not get to give a weekend report. I did not ride four days in a row but still three. Saturday had me able to attend the entire group ride but only two others showed up. But a small group is still a group and I got in 35 miles with some pancakes thrown in.

Sunday I was not sure what I wIMG_0119as going to do, but I ended up heading up to Green Bay to visit my mom on mom’s day.

I can’t head to Green Bay without taking some pelican pics. There’s like a million of them up there. Last summer a bunch stopped here for awhile and I did get a few pics of them then.

Also, on the way up I stopped at Point Beach State Park to scout out my first one niter on the 920. The park is about 25 miles away and the perfect place to do a test run. As soon as it gets warmer…..

The temps dropped a bit from the 70’s a few days ago and the store has slowed a bit. Now is the time to get caught up before Memorial Day. And do other stuff before we are open Sundays too.

I do have a bit of homework to do as I want to expand the store some. Not sure if I mentioned this before but Im finishing off the storage room upstairs and putting the tech shop in it for the summer, then switch the room over to a spinning studio for the winter. Which is something I always had on my mind to do since I move the store here.

The extra sales floor will be a gift shop of some sort for all the tourists here in the summer. Also will use the spot to promote the bike rentals more.

Another shot of the ship this morn.

But I really need to move on this as I wanted it done by the Holiday in two weeks or so. While it seems Im always moving forward it never seems fast enough. I have a lot to do in short time.

Id better get to it.


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