More Bikes.

Fast on top, slow on bottom.

The 920 is not quite done but its together and on the floor. I now have three new bikes for 2015 and two I have yet to throw a leg over. But Im pretty pumped about them. Especially the Trek 920. As I mentioned before I will renew my love for touring this summer and Im hoping for a bit warmer weather so I can get in a quickie some weekend.

Im adding to the bike a little at a time. Today Im getting in a Salsa Anything cage to see if I can put something in the frame above the water bottle cages. The only personal touch to date is the Brooks seat.

I had a carbon seatpost and stem on my Long Haul Trucker to smooth out the ride and I might just do that again here. Just not sure how all that aluminum will ride. Its not so bad tooling around town but put in a six or seven hour day and its a issue. But maybe not so much. I’ll give it a few shake downs before the big tour in August.

I did notice the rear bags\rack sit a bit further back on the bike than my Trucker. In fact the entire bag is behind the rear axle which may mean nothing. A little more heel to bag clearance might be  a good thing.

I love the fact that the 920 has thru axles and hydro brakes. The brakes feel pretty good in the stand and set up easy. And since we are talking about levers and stuff I gatta say this is my first attempt at bar end shifters. I understand the simplicity value on a tour bike but if the brakes were not hydro I would have already switched to a normal road shifter lever. Being hydro makes that switch just to expensive and who knows, I might not mind the shifters after all. Like I tell my customers, don’t fix a problem that’s not there.

Its colder and foggy today. Glad I didn’t have to ride in. But one of these days I will just take the 920 home on a full bag run. Today I brought my sleeping bag and air mattress. Just to get an idea. Ive packed those things a million times on a bike so its not new.

One thing I don’t have is a tent. A good one. Ive always borrowed.  And Im being a bit picky. In a perfect world I would get a single but might want the versatility of a double. A good single tent is less than two pounds, takes up little space in a bag and is easier to set up. The high end tents Im looking at now are close to $500.

Maybe I should just borrow again.

I have time to make that decision. Even if I do a quick overnighter somewhere I can use my old heavy tent. I think.

Anyway, I hope to be mini touring yet this month.


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