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Here’s a pic looking north. That peak you see way out there is Manitowoc,WI. Thats about 25 miles away from where I was standing. Its amazing how clear it is somedays. And like Sheboygan, sticks way out into the lake thus making it, as us, constantly 20 degrees cooler than 10 miles inland. One of the curses of living on the lake. But its always more good than bad living on the lakeshore.

Yesterday I got in a conversation about my ride times and was asked why I dont ride to work everyday. And I had to think about it. I really didn’t know why. I know I wouldn’t mind it. I would have to keep my car at the store then. I guess it could be done. and would do me some good.

But in reality the morn is when I do all my errands. Today I was out buying toiletries for the bathroom. And its cold and rainy. In the long run if I want to ride Im better off just driving to the store, then grabbing the bike.

But if I look ahead a bit and don’t need to go anywhere the next morn a bike ride home would be nice. And I plan on doing it for real. Even if its not everyday its still saddle time. Not a lot, only a bit over 4 miles home. But thats not to say I could not take the long way here.

Today’s Tuesday and I have been asked when the Tuesday nite rides will start out of the store. Not quite yet. But soon. I first have to line up summer help to cover me and also wait for thing to warm a bit more. Soon.

Today its 730am and Im already in the store. Going to finish building my 920. Another 12 hour day at work for me. Im going to need a lunch break today for sure….


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