Tough Sunday


Weekend report as follows: Saturday was yet another short group ride as I turned back to open the store at 10. With the short ride I made plans (in my head) to ride the Stashe for the first time after work. I had it loaded on my car. At 4pm I locked up the store and drove home. Hit the couch and never got back up. I still have to have my first woods ride. The bike made it as far as the top of my car. At least Im getting closer. This week for sure.

Sunday I could have  rode in the woods but I really need time in the saddle so it was a road ride once again. Four of us headed out. A couple of guys were pretty fast so I knew their cruising speed would have me working and thats not a bad thing.

What was a bad thing is my prep. It ended up a 45 mile ride and I barely made it home. Wen I finally got off the bike everything hurt. From my feet to my head (terrible headache). I ate wrong(bad). I drank wrong(bad). For some reason, mostly time constraints, I did not have any coffee in the morning after 400 days in a row with. Throw in temps near 80 when we went west away from the lake after riding in maybe the upper 40’s all spring and toss in a slightly increased tempo.

I was a disaster. If I could have gotten picked up 10 miles out I would have. I can only remember a few times in my life when I when I felt that bad on a bike. And its totally my fault. An hour and a half into the almost 3 hour ride I already felt hunger pains. And sometimes thats fine on a ride but when I dig a bit deeper than normal to keep up is pretty much a disaster later. As far as water, I was extremely dehydrated the rest of the day. I was pretty sick for awhile.

Just hit the couch (again) for about two hours unable to move much. Then throw in my body being upset over no caffeine. Add everything up and I was down for the count.


After sleeping almost 11 hours I woke and felt better. Got up and headed out to the park and saw this guy. After hanging with him for awhile I headed to the store where I am now, getting ready to do my weekly Monday ordering.

And other Monday stuff.


Wa da ya think?

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