Friday Report

Very little time here.


Doing the group ride in the morn. But as usual, having to turn back to open store at 10am. Soon my summer help will be at full strength and I can do the entire ride. That would be nice.

Sunday I plan on riding my MTB. Yes, the Stashe is finally done. Sram sent me some new pulleys and threw in a ZIP hat for the delay. Personal touches were the handlebar, seat\ seatpost(it came with a dropper) and white rim strips. Ready to rock.

So yes, I will be on that bike Sunday. Time unknown. Maybe a road ride in the morning and a MTB ride in the aft? Thats sounds lovely.

A very nice weekend upcoming and everyone wants their bike so I have to go. Looks like another 12 hour day today.

Sorry for the quickie. Have  good weekend.

Wa da ya think?

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