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On tap.


Its a gloomy Friday morn. Storms rolling thru. Calling for the same tomorrow. Im glad i got out yesterday for 30 miler or so.

On tap for today: The carpet guys are here putting in some nice carpet in the “spare” room upstairs. Its going to be the new shop in summer and the new spin\yoga studio in winter. After three years of talking about this Im done procrastinating on this one. Its getting done for real.

On tap for today: Setting up the weekend. We are now open Sundays and guess who gets to work the first one alone. Ive hired another summer helper. In the past I always tried to get away with the minimum needed but this year Im over staffing. I’ve been burned too many times during the summer. I mean, I understand these are part time people and I’ll plan on one or two moving on at some point this summer. So I’ll hire to accommodate that. I hope to be able to get away more very soon. Im getting a bit of burn out.

On tap for today: Im going to buy a frickin tent. Pull the trigger already.

This one.

I need to be ready to tour when I have the help to do it. Its all coming together as planned. I hope.

On tap for today: going to go thru the 920 one more time, then ride home Saturday after work and back to work on Sunday. That will be the shakedown of sorts. Maiden ride. First time with bar end shifters. I’ll pull all the bags off for that. Just get the bike set up. Seat, bars and such. Maybe take the long way to work on Sunday.

I dont really have a ride set this weekend persay. Just the riding to and from work. I remember last year I always rode home from work on Sunday afternoons. Then came back to get my car later. But always did a two hour loop to the house. Maybe I’ll do that again Sunday.

Thats about it for this weekend. Hope the weather hold out.

Have a great weekend. Get outside.


On Touring


Another fab morning. I hit the park early and grabbed my bench before anyone. After all this time Im still not familiar with all the things my new camera can do. I took this pic this morn but did not see the dude standing in the boat until I got to my computer. In fact I don’t think you could have seen that with your eye. Crazy! I cant wait to do more with this thing.

I have plans to sell pics in the store again. But just prints, no matting or framing. The cheaper you can sell them the better. Just sell the print and let them use whatever frame they buy at Walmart.

I have a riding window today from noon to 2. Warm enough for shorts and short sleeves. I cant wait. But I’ll have to.

Soon the summer help will get out of school and after some extensive training will allow me to get out more. The temps are warmer and its almost summer. Its almost go time for summer stuff.

In my head Im thinking about touring a lot. Id love to take a short one to get back in the swing of things. But touring is something you can prepare for but not train for. Sure, you can put miles in the saddle but as far as actually touring there is some skillsets involved. Mostly common sense. Ive made mistakes before. Twice I’ve been caught very late between towns, no food and no where to stay.

Here’s a bad day in 2012 heading up north.

You need to use your head. Mistakes can have you sleeping in a ditch. My mistake that day was ditching my camping equipment at my mom’s. It didn’t weigh that much and I should have kept it. But I didn’t have it anymore and if I could not find a hotel I was sleeping in a ditch. I came very close to calling someone to rescue and come and get me.

I’ve found that a early start is always best. You can have your 6 or 7 hours in early afternoon and can start looking for a place to stay sooner. When training for a tour you need to learn to relax. When your not riding you need to rest. If you rest badly you will ride badly. Some days on tours I only go 30 miles. You need to know when to say when, rest up for another day. There is always tomorrow for that century.

Paying attention to routes is also key. Once back in 2008 I was on a 1000 miler and I had a day that I left late and took a wrong turn, adding 17 miles to my route. Thats a huge mistake and it was not after I realized what I did that I was in panic mode, looking for alternatives, finding none. At the time I was heading to a MTB race and I called someone there to come and get me. The only time I needed outside help. But it was that or sleep in a ditch. I did have a tent at the time. But that kind of mistake is hard to do today with all the smartphone and mapping. If someone would ask me the most important item I had its now the phone. Google maps. Lots of old school tourers did this all without that and they will always let you know that. But I welcome the technology. If it keeps me from having to camp in a ditch someday Im all for it. It makes the task at hand easier and thus more enjoyable.

Just take your time and no expectations because shit happens. In Aug, I had planned to ride up to O2S and bum a ride home. Now, it makes more sense to bum a ride up there and ride home without any schedule.

I still need to buy a tent and I should stop procrastinating. That’s the last piece of my equipment puzzle I need. And maybe some kind of pillow. Then I can do a overniter sometime. Sooner than later I hope. But I can wait a bit longer to let it warm up a bit more.

Then its a go.


Work To Do I Have

Tuesday afternoon:

Missed posting this morn.. The day after a Holiday weekend is intense. Lots of ordering and paperwork catch up.

If you remember, I had two days off in a row. And sad to say I did not ride during any of them. After a hour and a half ride Saturday I woke to pretty good weather Sunday but rain was coming. I had to go early. I didn’t and it rained at 11am and pretty much did not stop until noon on Monday.

That didn’t stop me from loading up the car and heading to Door County. Thinking we might get lucky between rain drops. We did not. In fact, halfway up in GreenBay it was raining so hard we just flipped it and went home. I just did not want to waste the time and money to be up there just to hunker down somewhere in the rain. As it poured Saturday nite I thought of all who was camping. Bummer.

I was pretty disappointed as I don’t get this chance to do this stuff a lot. I tried to get back early enough for a ride but that didn’t happen either. Pretty much a wasted long weekend for me.

Wednesday morning:


Woke up to a very nice morning. The kind of morning that would support a nice bike ride before work. But I had a doc appt this morn and that took care of that. But I do have my riding stuff in the car, as I always will for the rest of the summer, with a backup kit left at the store. So Im ready at a moments notice and a moment is about all the lead time i get nowadays.

A ton of rain will keep me out of the woods for a few days. Rain in the forecast pretty much every day this week except tomorrow. So I will set up the in store help to get out on a nooner tomorrow.

As soon as next week the Tuesday nite ride will start for real as I have help lined up for every Tuesday nite. Also Im hoping to start LRW (long ride wednesday) very soon too. All of this could not come any too soon as the doc was a bit concerned about my weight. And my blood pressure is up too. I seem to be developing into the poster child for riding a bike. But I found over the years my body has become so efficient at it that its not enough anymore.

I cant run due to a bad knee\hip combo. Even walking hurts.

Maybe its time to get that knee replaced. Its been 4 years since I found out its shot and needs replacing. Of course I have been putting it off. I always tell the doc that I’ll replace it when it falls off. But maybe I should not wait much longer. Maybe with a better knee I will be more active. Or more active easier.

Its a catch 22. Fix my knee and I’ll lose weight. Lose weight and my knee will feel better. But I cant lose weight until I fix my knee. One thing is rock solid, I will need to do something soon. Im so slow on my bike I cant hang with any group. And Im even worse on the MTB. Lots of solo riding in my near future.

I see a big life style change soon. It will either be the best thing for me, or the worse. Time will tell but Im kinda preparing myself for either direction.

I could make this whole scenario into a reality show.


Impending Weekend.


Another awesome morning. I got my bench to myself. I took a little extra time this morn as I have to work the store open to close. Saturday too. I love these visits. They help clear my mind before work. I breathe deeper here. My mind slows down.


So here we have the impending 3 day weekend. While spring is always a busier time in a bike store its this weekend that kicks off the selling season for real. While I do get busy I can afford extra help too and that gives me the time away I need.

This weekend will be a few bike rides for sure. On Monday I might try and head north to my second favorite park. I get up to Peninsula Park maybe 5 times a summer. Always a good visit. Some biking, some hiking. Would be nice to get up there with the new camera.

Today might be busy but tomorrow (Saturday) might be slow. Holiday weeks are slow as people are out and about. On the other hand, rentals are busy.

So that about it. I hope to ride everyday this weekend. Hopefully longer on Sunday or Monday.

Get out and have a good weekend.