A few nites ago I watched the movie “Wild”.

Here’s the trailer.

Shit like this mesmerizes me. I want to do that so bad. Ive had the “pull” in my brain all my life but it gets stronger as I get older. My father would fly to Alaska and spend weeks alone hunting out of a base camp. So I guess I get this feeling from him. In fact, at this point in my life if I were to be in the mountains Im not so sure I would come back.

There’s more to life than doing what you do for a living. There’s even more to life than raising your family. Sure those things take priority as different points in your life. But there’s a time to do what you need to do to stay sane.

This movie just kinda re sparked that feeling that I need to be doing something of this sort. Most likely has my current thoughts on bike touring rev’ed up again.

This is a generic feeling. I don’t specifically want to hike 1000 miles, or go live in a tent in Alaska (although both would be epic). Really its just the journey I need. The alone time. Bike touring is close to that. Its not exactly the same but pretty close. You dont know where your going to sleep at the end of that day or whats going to happen during.

And since I can’t hike well or have the money or time to head out to AK I’ll do the next best thing. A thing I think I can do.

I’ll share a quick story about my Dad. Sometime in the late 70’s he was dropped somewhere in Alaska by a brush plane, actually it landed on a small lake. I was a teenager at the time. Anyway, he was going to be there for 5 days and had supplies to cover that time. Huge snowstorm hits on the 4th day. Plane can’t come and get him. If I remember right 4 to 5 feet of snow fell. He ran out of food on day 7. He had to wake up every 4 hours to dig out the tent to get oxygen.

He got picked up on day 9 after the storm left. During all this he kept a small diary, writing in it several times a day. I have that diary. But I have not seen it for 15 years. I hope I can still find it.

Just imagine. He had no way to contact anyone at anytime. He did not know when they were coming to get him. He just sat in his tent for days and waited. Now that is something to write about and whenever I see a movie like “Wild” or “Into the Wild” I think of him. Not specifically for what those people in the movie are going thru but just the journey it takes them on. When Im touring and pull into a nice campsite next to a lake, I pitch my tent and think of him.

There’s being alone and then there’s being extremely alone. Its when you are extremely alone that you find yourself.

Its like when you’re on a solo bike ride and you lose yourself in thought for an hour or so, but times 1000.

I sure hope I can pull off the tour I have planned in Aug. And maybe a couple mini tours too. That would be awesome.

So heres to Cheryl Strayed and Chris McCandless and my Dad.

They all had the guts to tackle some epic shit. For whatever reason.


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