Im pretty much aware that Ive been lacking content lately.All work and no play makes Dan a dull boy.

But I do have some stuff coming up. Like my first ride in the woods. And the build of my touring bike.

Right now Im still playing with my new camera. Its kinda like the first time you got your Android or Apple phone. There’s a ton of stuff this thing does that is not written anywhere. Its like a little computer. All I’ve been doing with it is pushing all the buttons and seeing what happens. Its pretty cool.


And I haven’t really gotten started with the camera. But I soon will as I am once again going to sell pic’s in the store. So Ive got some work to do in that regards.

So lets talk bikes. Most of you know that Ive been riding a 1 by 11 on my road bike. As I get more miles on it I seem to like it more. This weekend when on a road ride I noticed several people in the big ring almost constantly. When I run a compact Im in the 50 tooth ring almost 95% of the time. So my thoughts have been its got to be the same, right? Its not.

A normal 2 by 11’s cassette has the ratios a lot tighter. My cassette is 11 by 36. A run of the mill 2 by cassette is 11 by 28. Divide 11 ratios into the two cassettes and the 11\36 has huge jumps in ratios.

On my 1X my highs are just as high and lows are just as low (ish) but the gaps are all on the cassette. As I see others run big\big (50\28) all the time on the road I wonder if a regular cassette would be better. Maybe a 11\32? I almost never hit that lowest gear on top of the cassette. Like maybe once so far. So in theory if I have a 32 as my lowest gear as opposed to a 36, and still have 11 ratios would the gaps be smaller?? I would think so. I’ll have to do some research. Or maybe wait until Sram does the research for me. Im sure their 1X road is not far away.


I’ll keep the big cassette on as its a cross bike with CX1 anyway. This research will be for the next one. Im still happy with the way the Boone rides on the road. I personally have not notices the “aero” disadvantage the wider frameset has or the weight penalty the disc’s bring. Its a blast to ride and easy on a old guy like me.

Like I said before, I do feel the big gaps in ratio while riding, and sometimes I find myself shifting back and forth between two gears now and then. But I can for sure deal with it. Would  suggest road 1X  to another? Sure. But Im sure, actually, I know for a fact there are a lot of riders that would not like it. But I make it work for me.

There’s my bike stuff for today.


Wa da ya think?

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