Monday Report


The weekend went down as planned. Almost 5 hours total in the saddle. All road miles. Friday and Saturday was once again cold and I froze. Being too stubborn to get out my winter clothing again. But Sunday was not so bad. For once we switched up routes a bit and headed straight east away from the lake and it warmed up much sooner than we would expect.

In fact just 15 minutes and I was taking off my vest. I dont like to go this way a lot as you ride pretty much thru the city to get to the good riding. But I was surprised that it only took 15 minutes to get out of the traffic. Its been so long I forget. And its so much easier to just go south from the store that thats what we do all the time. It was nice to bet some new scenery. I will plan to do this more until the lake warms up, usually in June.

I still have not rode the MTB. Ive been waiting on Sram to send me some replacement pulley for my derailleur. I talked to them 6 days ago. Someone dropped the ball over there. I’ll call them back today. Im confident that I will debut my 29+ in the woods this week.


Ive also talked about a few days away several weeks ago and that has not happened but will soon. Maybe an overnighter or just a day trip would be nice. Just need to get out of the store for a bit. The weather looks good on the 10 day. Temps in the 70’s by next weekend. That means high 50’s here….  I’ll take it.

I better go… Monday is order day.


Wa da ya think?

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