Friday \ Cold Ride


Another awesome pic from my new camera… that was yesterday.

Cuz this morn I just got back from a ass freezing bike ride. Im not sure what the temp was but it was cold. Cold for a road ride.

Its Friday and thats a big day in the store. Making sure all the bikes that need to be on the floor are there. Getting ready for the service bikes to be picked up. For the most part, people whose bikes are done during the week don’t pick them up until after work on Fridays. It gets quite busy later.


My office is a mess. Those are sold bikes that need to get built today.

As for the weekend of bike riding, looks like a bit of rain tomorrow morn. I’ll still plan on an hour and a half before the store opens but if its wet it a no go.

Sunday I actually would love to ride  a frickin MTB at some point this spring. But really, I need a longer road ride more right now. Sunday looks to be about the best weather of the weekend and Im not sure how much rain will fall Saturday to rely on the trails. So I most likely will be on the road Sunday too. I can see at least three hours….

I can always jump on the MTB before work during the week. Its better on the MTB when its colder anyway. So I think a morning next week will be my first woods ride on the year…..

Other than that I have nothing. Get outside and have a great weekend.


Wa da ya think?

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