Still a pic in the park but not of the lake. I’ve done the lake too many times. I need to stretch my legs and get some other images. Its frickin cold. Back below freezing. I just have no ambition to ride in temps of the low 30’s kind. The warmest clothes in my riding bag is good to down around 35 if its sunny.  Its tough to not complain but it is still April. And we are still ahead of last year.

Today I might even start building my 920. Im pretty excited to.  Just looking at the bike still in the box I can see the bike will be way lighter than my Long Haul Disc Trucker. I think when said and done it will be a full 10 pounds lighter.  When your touring for 7 or so hours a day 10 pounds is huge. That steel Trucker is an awesome touring bike. Its rides as smooth as can be. But it is heavy. The 920’s racks are aluminum. Comparing to the Surly racks I might lose 10 pounds just with the racks.

Im a little concerned over ride quality. I might throw on a carbon seatpost and stem to quiet down all that aluminum on the 920. But thats about it. Also Ive never used bar end shifters so Im not sure about that but I’ll give it a try. I would just switch them out to a drop shifter but its hydro and just don’t want to spend the money.

Anyhoo… that bike should be on the floor by the weekend anyway.

Today I kinda start planning out the weekend and Im not so sure of the temps yet. Still way below normal it seems. I really want to get out that Stashe 29+ this weekend. Im still waiting on a pulley from Sram. That should be here by tomorrow and just screw it on and Im good to go.

My first ride in the woods could be this weekend. Im pretty excited. Its been too long. And if its colder the woods would be the place to be.

Thats about it for today.


Wa da ya think?

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