Another cold morning. On todays happy place visit I watch about a million Cormorants  fly by. If you look at the pic, in the horizon there is a ton of them. Again, amazed that I took this pic when they had to be close to a half mile away. Dont worry, I’ll get over this camera soon…..

Todays big bike industry news is Trek recall. On about 900k bikes. Apparently if you ride with the front skewer wide open, on a disk brake bike, the skewer handle gets caught on the disc rotor. So Trek is replacing the front skewer which ends up a Shimano product anyway. Or…. just put the skewer handle on the non brake side of the wheel. Done.

And somehow no other bikes have this issue? Many other manufactures use the same fork, brake and skewer. Whats up with that?

Anyway, looks like I’ll be changing front skewers on some bikes… not a big deal.

I will say the way this has been handled is kinda crappy. Ive already had phone calls asking how many people have died due to this. For real. Media these days is off the hook with everything. One facebook post and its all over the news. In my book thats very bad.

You never get the entire story from a Facebook post, just some persons opinion. And since its in the internet it must be true. Right?

The MTB is done but already out of service. Got some bad pulley wheels on the rear derailleur. Sram is sending me new ones pronto. Srams dealer warranty\tech dept is second to none. Thats why I support their stuff. On all of my bikes if its not electronic its Sram.


I’ll leave you with this pic. Those three bikes are worth more than any road bike Ive had….


Wa da ya think?

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