Tuesday I Guess


Day two with new camera. This thing is like a computer. Hundreds of setting options that will take time to master. Time I don’t have just now. Hopefully soon I can sit down and play with it more.


Heres the US Stewart J Cort. I could barely see it with my own eye. This camera has remarkable zoom for a point and shoot.

The store is getting somewhat caught up. Im almost done with the MTB. Less than a hour for sure. The I need to hit on the 920 and get that at least on the floor. And maybe a ride.

The last couple of years Ive struggled with the extra space upstairs here. Really needed that footage to bring in revenue and not just a junk room. Ive thought of sub leasing it. Making it into a spin room, building it out for massage therapists and many other ideas. One idea had me selling bakery. Me and bakery in the same room. Not a good idea.

Ive decided to move forward with a gift\souvenir shop in the summer, then into a spin studio for the winter. Since Im in a touristy area I’ll sell Sheboygan based stuff in the summer. T shirts and such. I could take my pics and sell them too, whatever. Then when things slow flip it to a spin studio. in the winter. 12 month usage. The plans are already in motion. Im not turning back.

If you read this quite a bit you remember I mentioned some time off in the near future. That was supposed to be this week. Im still doing it, just postponed a bit. Maybe next week. Maybe it will be a bit warmer….

Thats it for today.


Wa da ya think?

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