1st Pic


So there it is. My first pic with my new camera. I did not take a lot yet. Still figuring it out. But this thing will be a game changer for me and I hope to maybe use it to head into uncharted territory. I have a somewhat retirement dream of writing and taking pictures for money. And while I wont dwell on it this camera is just another step in that direction.

A pretty good riding20150419_090204[1] weekend for me. Three days in a row. Not the longest of rides but the three in a row is a first this spring. Baby steps I guess. I will need to nail down some 4 hour rides soon tho. But Im feeling better on the bike. I even did a few intervals this week. That is no not like me. But it helps…

Im in the store early, not that I have a lot to do right now. I came in yesterday and did all the ordering. But I need to finish up my Stashe MTB. But now not in quite so much hurry as we have been in a soaking rain got the last 12 hours or so. That will put the trails a few days behind.

Bummer too as all I saw on facebook was pics and posts from the woods.

W8ing for me to finish.

Soon for me. Very soon. Just have some personal touches for me to do.

How about a recap on the Boone. Ive got a few hundred miles on it now.

Its still all systems go. Im never going to find a smoother road bike. The Aeolus wheels are awesome and the disc brakes are working perfectly.

And as I said before, Im getting used to the bigger ratio jumps. With only 11 gears between hi and lo you are limited and knew that going in. Im running a 46 in the front and it seems I could add a few teeth. Ive never used the lowest gear yet (46\36). I could easily go up to a 48. Or even a 50? Those rings don’t exist yet until the “road” one by eleven is out. 46 is the biggest you can get for CX1 right now.

Now, the CX1 is working and shifting flawlessly. But after a visit by Randy the Shimano tech I kinda wished I would have done Shimano  Di2 one by.

Im not sure what I could have used for ratios\rings\cassettes but Im sure I could have done something.  Maybe XTR 11 by 40 cassette? XTR Di2? Can I shift a XTR derailleur with a Ultegra shifter? Im sure I could have cobbled something together. One cool thing I do know. If you run one ring you can program one shifter to run up the cassette and the other to run down. Thats kinda cool. And would take some getting used to Im sure.

I’ll leave that for the next build.

Actually, my next build will be Treks carbon Fatbike. Of course Im just getting the frameset and building from there. Im already planning it out. A bit early maybe but its never too soon to start your homework. And yes, it will be XTR Di2 1X. How could it not?

Its crazy how I have two bikes in house I have not finished and Im talking fatbike build. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself.

I should have a MTB by the time it stops raining.


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