Catch Up

Glorious mornings. (Thursday)

Its Friday and I have not sent a post in since Tuesday. Im still alive. That just shows how busy I am. I started this post on Wednesday and finished it just now…


The weather has just been fantastic here. One year ago the ice was still on the lake. I didnt get a post out yesterday as Im just so busy at the store. People lined up at the door when I unlock it. Its that time of year….

I spent some quality time in the park this morn. But I was not alone. Once the weather breaks the quality alone time in my happy place ends. I expect it.

Soon I will try to ride in the morn before the store opens. I need to be on the road at 8am to get a ride in. Should not be a problem. As soon as its well into the 40’s by then for temps.

Crazy how I started this post on Tuesday and Im still on it today.


And thats because my computer crashed hard this morn. Some Windows update last nite and this morning it was a blank screen. I called the “tech” dept at Dell and spend an hour with them. No help. They did not have a clue. In fact they told me everything was lost. Then asked if they could have some money to fix it. No thanks. But I was for sure in panic mode. My life is on this computer.

I called my go to computer guy Ben and he downloaded some recovery thingie and had it up and running in no time. He drove the 20 minutes from his home pretty much immediately. Cant thank him enough. But man, what a scare as I do not back up my Quickbooks at all. That has changed. What a helpless feeling. I thought 6 years of accounting info was gone. All my pics.

Anyhoo, it ended well. And now things are backed up. Religiously.


So whats up the last few days. Well holy shit, I got two more bikes. Thats three new bikes this week. I received my new Trek 920 and today I got my new Trek Stashe 29 plus. Released just one day ago.

Both bikes are still in the box as I am scrambling at the store. I might stay late today to assemble the Stashe to have for the weekend. But most likely I wont be able to touch any of the two bikes until Monday. I have the Stashe out of the box but that might be as close as I get. Im pretty pumped about that bike. I was considering not even getting a MTB until the Farleys came in Sept. But Im so down with the huge wheels of 29+ that I grabbed this bike immediately. Those things just roll so nice over stuff. I’ll post more when I get it up and running.

I’ll get out this weekend. Saturday morn a quickie until the store opens and than Sunday another 3 hour ride like last week. I’ll keep trying to crank in the hours as best I can. In fact I just got in a little over an hour this morn. Every little bit helps.

And today I get my new camera from Mr UPS. Three new bikes and a camera and no time to set them up. Crazy! I’ll take the camera home tonite and look at it in the two hours I have between work and sleep. I think Sunday before the ride I’ll sneak in and work on those two bikes….

Talk Monday.


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