Busy Daze


Somedays I just do not feel like writing about bikes and bike stores. The store had a very successful sale the last week breaking sales records. Dont get me wrong Im pretty pumped about that but also a little burned out. The last three weeks has been pretty intense here and Im looking forward to some time off. I think Ive mentioned that a few weeks ago that I knew I would be looking for a day or two after the sale. This gets easier as spring\summer rolls on as the summer help starts to be more available…

Its still pretty busy with all the sale bikes now hitting the store. This morning I have a fitting to do right at 10am opening. One of many.

I think next week I’ll be shooting for a day and a half off. A quick overnighter somewhere. Without bikes.

I think one of the main issues a bike store owner has is the ability to walk away for awhile. If you cant figure that out your time as store owner will be short. Burnout is very easy here.

So when the signs of meltdown show you need to back off a bit, regain your bearings. In the long run you will thank yourself.

Its not easy, early on I struggled with it and probably do a little still. Its just not easy to leave your business and huge financial investment to others. Even when the others are perfectly capable of holding down the fort. Its just mentally hard to do. And then your time off isn’t really time off. In some cases its worse than being there.

But one needs to learn how to walk away. Its a necessity And thats not with just bike stores, its any and all business, big or small.

So, next week Im planning a few days. Bring it on.

In other non bike related things, I finally broke down and bought a new camera.

I ordered this one.

I cant wait to see the pics I take with that one. Maybe I’ll get a bit more serious with my picture taking. Maybe I’ll put pics back up in the store to buy. I dont know…maybe. It would be cool if I had it by the time I take my mini vacation in a week. OIts will sure beat the pics Ive been taking with my phone. Like the one this morn….

Building on todays theme it will be nice to have a hobby or a renewed interest out of cycling. Or thats the plan anyway.

Another way to beat the bike burnout is turn to another form of the hobby. And that just what I plan to do this summer with the touring. I get to ride a bike AND get out of town. Its a win\win.

Ive started to take inventory of my stuff and it seems I will need to buy a tent. A 3 pound backpacking tent can and will be pricey. But if I start getting the things I need now it wont be so bad in the pocketbook if I spread all the investments over a longer period.

Im thinking this one.

Anyways…. I cant wait till the touring season starts.


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