New Bike Weekend!


So the much anticipated Boone road bike experiment is done. I love new bike days. Maiden voyage went well with a 20 mile ride Saturday and a 45 mile ride Sunday.

The build came in at 15 pounds 8 oz without pedals. Very impressive and right where I would want to be with a road bike. I ended up going to a 160mm front rotor as I had caliper to spoke fitting issues when I was running a 140 as the caliper was that much lower. But as much as I like to personalize a build the switch to 160 in front was no big deal. Im still 140 in back and the brakes work wonderfully.

One by eleven.

Being a bigger guy I appreciate brakes more than the normal cyclist. Only needing one finger to brake is a plus in my book.

But really the bravest component was going 1X11 on a supposed road bike. Would I still be able to hang in the group? Would I be spun out? Could I get a gear low enough for the hills running 46 in front and 11\36 in rear?

The answer to all those questions is yes. Plenty of low end. In fact I have yet to even use the lowest gear. As for high end Im good there too. I can pedal pretty good up to about 32 mph. I can do a couple mph more but the cadence gets a bit uncomfortable. But really, how many times am I going to pedal more than 32mph.

A few times maybe at best.

But as expected the only issue here is the lack of ratio. Every once in a while I would be at a speed where one gear was a bit too fast and the next was a bit too slow. Huge jumps between ratios. And that was expected and a issue I can deal with. I usually go for the slower gear as Im a masher and not a spinner. Who knows, maybe choosing the high gear will help me increase my cadence although Ive tried to work on that several times with little to no success.


The ride? Super comfy. With the bar dropped only about 2cm from the seat ( I usually ride 4 to 5cm) makes this ride a very good endurance bike. Sure, I can go lower in that measurement but thats just not what Im after here. The entire purpose of this build is to make a very easy bike to ride on longer distances but still be able to hold my own in the group.

Saturdays ride was 45 miles at 16mph average and thats pretty good for April. At least for me. I’ll take it. Stayed in the group for the most part and when I didn’t it was not the bikes fault.

I will consider this experiment with a Boone “road” bike a success. Really, I guess its not much different than a Domane but it is still a cross bike that I can throw some 35c’s and hit the dirt which makes it just a bit for versatile.

Another issue was re sale. Later in summer when Im ready to give the bike up its a bit tougher to sell a road bike so late in the year. However, cross bike season is just getting started and when I thinking about getting off the road and hitting more dirt with the fatbike this bike will sell quicker for sure.

I think I will have a good time on this bike this summer. I know others have commented about the very same thing, looking into a high end cross bike and getting rid of both their road and cross. Two bikes in one.

By the way, its available late September. Its a 56cm.


Wa da ya think?

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